“…Do you know how to create darkness that contains a temporary dream world?
“… If you have time, you can go to Tingen once and help me use ‘3-0782’ to make the ‘Sun Flame Bullet’. This mutated Sun Holy Emblem contains a drop of the divine blood of the ‘Eternal Fierce Sun’… Only Only by fully improving your own strength can you be more confident in dealing with Amon’s clone…”
At No. 7 Pinster Street, Leonard, who had returned home specially to attend a Tarot gathering, was about to go out and go to the basement of St. Samuel’s Church to read information in preparation for the night’s action to appease the souls. Suddenly, his eyes flashed and he saw that Carrying four messengers with blond hair and red eyes wearing gloomy and complicated dresses.
——As a “Requiem Master”, he can already directly see spiritual creatures.
After receiving the letter from Klein, before Leonard could say thank you, Renette Tinichole turned around and walked into the void without stopping.
“…Old man, why does Klein have a messenger of this level? Is this the welfare of the Beloved?” Leonard couldn’t help lowering his voice and asked Pales Zoroastrian.
He initially imagined that this was the standard configuration for members of the Tarot Society, but later found out that he had thought too much.
The slightly old voice of Pales Zoroastrian immediately let out a laugh:
“It should be unique to Klein Moretti. Everyone has some special circumstances, right? Even for a guy like you, isn’t it the same?
“Haha, I thought you would use the word ‘incomplete angel’ to describe Him, but it turned out to be ‘a messenger of this level’. Yes, you still remember my reminder.”
Leonard curled his lips, unfolded the letter, and read the contents.
“As expected, he is the one favored by secrets and fate…” Pales Zoroaster quickly scanned the beginning with the help of Leonard’s eyes.
Without looking at the ground, Leonard took a few steps back, threw himself into the arms of the sofa, and then said:
“Klein can see through the theft and substitution of fate… Then we don’t have to worry about searching for items at the demigod level of the ‘thief’.”
“Even if you are anxious, you don’t know where to search.” Pales suddenly sneered.
Even at that gathering of the Hermits of Destiny, similar items would only appear once every few years, and the next gathering would not be until the end of the year.
Leonard couldn’t find the words to respond for a moment, so he had to turn his attention to the next two paragraphs.
/After a brief silence, he chuckled:
“I have always been wondering where Klein got the advanced talisman from the ‘Sun’ domain when he faced Megoos. I thought it was given by the ‘Death Archon’, but I didn’t quite understand a ‘Death’ What do the angels of the ‘field collect high-level spells from the ‘sun’ field, commit suicide? Now, I finally understand.
/“Old man, it’s not like I’ve never held ‘3-0782’ before. Why didn’t you discover