“The mural I saw at the Bansi telegraph office was probably painted by this evil spirit.
“World Gehrman Sparrow asked me to go to Bansi Port to check for traces, in order to grasp the whereabouts of this terrifying evil spirit, so that subsequent plans will not be carried out.
“Fortunately, I didn’t destroy the mural at that time, otherwise it would probably be noticed by the evil spirit.”
While Alger breathed a sigh of relief, he became increasingly vigilant, planning to move the Blue Avenger away from Bansi Port and towards the north of the Sunia Sea to investigate another matter previously entrusted by The World.
“Justice” Audrey and “Hermit” Cattleya and other members listened attentively and memorized it without making too many associations, because the incident told by “World” Gehrman Sparrow itself contained the most important information. The most important and critical information is quite rich, but they lack additional experience and knowledge to expand the problem.
After sharing the information that needed attention, “The World” smiled lowly and said:
“That’s pretty much it.”
/The scene was silent for a while. “Moon” Emlyn straightened his back slightly, looked forward and said:
“A big shot in the clan is about to arrive in Backlund and wants to see me by name.”
He paused for a moment, and when the other members didn’t respond, he cleared his throat and said:
“How do I deal with Him?”
He is another angel. “Star” Leonard was inexplicably a little numb, and immediately noticed a question. Mr. “Moon” mentioned the concept of “race”, and he had red eyes.
Leonard was stunned and thought to himself:
“This is a vampire
“Could he be Emlyn White from the Harvest Church? He is very close to Klein’s identity as the great detective.”
Leonard couldn’t help but take a few more glances at “Moon’s” profile and figure. The more he looked at it, the more familiar it became, and he could almost confirm it.
Emlyn was undoubtedly aware of “Xingxing”‘s sizing, just as “Justice” Audrey was surprised and slightly excited to confirm that Mr. “Stars” suddenly realized that he knew Mr. “Moon”.
Did I say something wrong just now? “Star” this guy seems a little surprised. He knows me in the real world. Do I know him? “Moon” A series of thoughts flashed through Emlyn’s mind. He subconsciously wanted to move his nose and smell the next door. The taste of the new members is blocked by the gray fog, making it difficult to gain anything.
While he looked around, waiting for analysis and suggestions from “The Hanged Man”, “The Hermit” and “The World”, he tried hard to recall whether he had ever seen anyone similar to “The Star”.
Gradually, he felt a little familiar, but because he didn’t have a deep impression, it was difficult to remember it for a while.
At this time, “Justice” Audrey was thinking about another question:
Mr. “World” and Mr. “Stars” know each other, an