“What does that stranger look like?” Cattleya nodded slightly.
Thistle took out a piece of raw beef from the small leather bag on his waist. The blood on it was still fresh, but it did not contaminate any place it touched. It seemed to have turned into a pure solid.
Immediately afterwards, the piece of beef melted in Histoll’s hands, dripping to the ground like running water, squirming like life, and painted a portrait.
“This is the effect I want!” Frank Lee looked at this scene with bright eyes and expressed his thoughts quite excitedly.
Under his gaze, Histoll seemed to be dodging somewhat. He tilted his body slightly and pointed at the ground and said:
“It probably looks like this.”
At this time, a bloody painting has taken shape. The main subject is a man with a beard and facial features similar to those of the Pas Valley people. His biggest feature is that there are three earrings inlaid on each ear.
“Earrings made of gold, the body is lean, not fat, but very healthy.” Histoll added.
/Cattleya immediately retracted her gaze to the ground and said:
“Then what?”
Thistle said “hmm” again:
“No one came to visit Sharf after that, except for the temporary servants and chefs he hired. I arranged for my men to investigate, and there was nothing wrong with them.
“Sharf would take a walk in the evening every day, find a street girl to go home, and wouldn’t let her leave until dawn… I have been following him, and I didn’t find that he came into contact with any strange people on the way.”
“He has been acting normal during this time?” Cattleya asked with a slight frown.
In her opinion, no abnormality is the biggest abnormality!
This involves, after all, members of the School of the Rose who believe in a “primordial moon.”
/Histoll nodded affirmatively:
Cattleya turned her head and glanced at the main entrance of the house, pondered for a moment before saying:
“I originally planned to use my extraordinary ability to sneak in, control Sharf as quickly as possible, and take him away to avoid accidents, but now it seems that the best way is to knock on the door and visit directly.”
Unknown dangers are the most frightening.
“Captain, I’m with you.” Frank Lee quickly requested, thinking that he had been busy with experiments recently and hadn’t done what the first mate should do for a long time.
Cattleya took off the thick glasses and hung them on the belt of the black wizard robe, while nodding and saying:
After saying that, she left the dark corner and walked towards the main entrance of Craftsman Sharf’s residence.
When she got closer, she looked up at the red moon piercing the clouds high in the sky, raised her fingers, and knocked on the door three times.
Not long after, footsteps approached and the front door creaked open.
“Artisan” Sharf has no significant changes compared to last time. He is still lean and dark, with bags under his eyes a little swollen. There is a smile that he tries hard to squeeze out of his brown eyes:
“Admiral, what happened this time?”
He stood at