hand continued, and countless rays of sword light flew towards Lin Xin like lightning.
The boundary wall between the abyss and the abyss is being cut into pieces by his terrifying sharp attacks.
Lin Xin smiled.
He stood still and allowed the sword light to pour crazily onto the sea of ??bones surrounding him.
But its density was so great that the more Kuangmi Sword Master cut it, the more ugly his face became. He used almost 90% of his strength to make the blade sharper, sharper, and faster in cutting.
/But progress still feels slow.
Although the sword light is indeed moving forward, it is useless against the enemy at this speed.
The Lord of War on the other side ignored Lin Xin and suddenly galloped towards Kuangmi Sword Master on his horse.
“Spear of Separation.”
He held a huge black spear tightly in both arms and stabbed straight at Kuangmi Sword Master.
There was no halo, no explosion, not even a flow of radiation.
The Kuangmi Sword Master and the War Master suddenly became blurred.
Apparently they all entered the time gap and fought at the same time.
Lin Xin made no move and just watched the battle quietly.
Kuangmi Sword Master’s left arm and body separated instantly. The entire left arm disappeared automatically before it could fly far, without even a bubble popping up.
“The magical power of cause and effect?”
Lin Xin took a step forward, and his eyes suddenly blurred. It also enters the time gap.
Everything around him suddenly stopped.
Only the Kuangmi Sword Master and the War Master materialized again, and the two started to fight at some point.
The sword light and black energy were like giant artillery fire fired by the legions on both sides. Some of them were annihilated by each other and disappeared in mid-air.
Some exploded and passed around the two of them.
Most of them landed on the opponent abruptly, beating them until they vomited blood.
Kuangmi Sword Master had a faint intention of retreating.
The Lord of War was already on par with him, but now another guy with unknown strength appeared. If he also took action, it would be really troublesome.
I was just about to start my Taoist method and evacuate quickly.
He suddenly saw the Dao Ancestor who suddenly appeared and stood behind the Lord of War at some point.
Compare it to the extremely huge body of the Lord of War.
The new Dao Ancestor was almost the same as Ant Dust, but the result was completely wrong.
He just stretched out his hand slightly.
A huge hole occupying three-quarters of the War Lord’s chest appeared on the War Lord’s body.
hiss! ! !
The black war horse roared crazily. It was also part of the Lord of War’s body and naturally felt the same severe pain.
“Damn human being!! How dare you betray!”
/The Lord of War roared wildly and shot Lin Xin behind him.
At this moment, a huge black shadow suddenly appeared next to Lin Xin.
The black shadow was as big as the entire Lord of War, and a large number of black shadow tentacles surged out from it, dragg