countless students joined rebel warlords in various places, trying to serve the country and resist the invaders.
But to no avail.
Yuhai was attacked directly by the Allied Forces of the Three Kingdoms, led by Annu Kingdom. The Thirteenth Army of the Guard Corps had no resistance and collapsed at the first touch.
The number of people who were killed was not as great as the number of people who fled and were trampled to death.
In just three days, Yuhai fell.
Other countries that have not received vested interests have condemned the three countries for interfering in other countries’ internal affairs without authorization.
However, the Three Kingdoms insist that they are peacekeeping forces, only helping Xia Kingdom quell the civil war, and will not retreat even if they live or die.
Warlords from other places stood still. The imperial court was unable to fight back at this time and quickly ordered the 120,000 troops heading to Hanzhong to return.
At this time, of the 120,000 troops, only 60,000 were left. No matter how the leading general explained, no one believed that his tens of thousands of soldiers were defeated by one person.
In desperation, he had no choice but to lead the troops back home.
The danger in Hanzhong will be resolved in an instant.
Sun Guotao stood in front of the window, looking out at the pier where order was gradually returning to order.
Ships were coming and going, constantly unloading and loading goods. Soldiers were responsible for maintaining order and allowing groups of merchant ships transporting military supplies to enter and exit first.
Small steam passenger ships also continued to sail into the port terminal, and outsiders continued to pour into Hanzhong.
In the early morning, the weather was slightly cooler and the sea was calm.
But Sun Guotao couldn’t calm down in his heart.
“General, do you have any doubts?”
He was not the only one in the room, there was also a woman sitting quietly on the leather sofa, wearing a Taoist robe, holding a cup of coffee imported from the West, savoring the taste.
“Your sect is helping me so much, but what do I need to do myself?”
Sun Guotao did not believe that the Hushan sect came to help him defeat the enemy out of selfless devotion.
Wang Kongyan smiled and put down the coffee.
“We have great people in Daxia, and there are many strange people and strange things. Retreating is just a trivial matter. General, don’t worry about it. The main reason for helping you this time is to designate Hanzhong as the residence of our secular sect of Hushan Sect. As for those evil demons and heretic blood ” Descendants
of evil spirits?”
/Sun Guotao was a little confused.
“They are those guys with blond hair and blue eyes or white hair and blue eyes.” Wang Kongyan explained.
Sun Guotao was speechless. These are all antiques that came out of nowhere. Foreigners always look like this, but they just live in different places. How come they have become the blood descendants of evil demons?
“Such blood descendants are b