He didn’t have much right to think. The only thing he could do was draw pictures and ask anyone who came here.
But the person he saw before, the person he found interesting, the essence of his soul was actually like that.
This makes the painter feel a sense of novelty like never before.
Time flows slowly.
/I don’t know how long it took.
/Lin Xin finally opened his eyes.
“If anything, there is something in me that is not affected by time.” His eyes gradually brightened, revealing a hint of absolute coldness and reason.
“That should mean, I don’t want to die!”
“Are you afraid of dying?”
The painter understood what Lin Xin meant.
“You can say that.” After Lin Xin said these words, his whole person seemed to feel more relaxed.
He stared intently at the back of the painter in front of him.
Swish, swish,
the artist picked up the pen and began to draw on a piece of white paper very quickly.
He started by sketching in black and white.
That was a slender man, a man Lin Xin was extremely familiar with.
In an instant, he realized that it was himself, his body in this life.
The artist works very quickly, filling in the details from the head to the feet, even the fingerprints are described in detail.
Soon a black and white sketch was drawn.
At the moment when the scroll is finished sketching.
boom! !
Lin Xin suddenly felt that the surroundings were dark.
Endless cramping pain surged out from all parts of the body in an instant.
Then came the feeling of humiliation.
Then there was suffocation
, then stinging,
nausea, etc.
All kinds of extreme negative feelings poured into Lin Xin’s mind.
He had never had this kind of experience before, just like he was struggling desperately in the Nether Mansion.
Perhaps the experience back then was still far inferior to what it is now.
“Let’s just die.”
A thought suddenly came to his mind.
“You can be completely relieved by dying.”
“Such pain will continue until your soul collapses. If you don’t choose to relieve it, you will never be free. The painter just lied to you”
Lin Xin whispered murmured.
Countless painful and negative perceptions began to circulate in his body.
He stood there, motionless.
The woman in the white dress guarding the door was also looking at him nervously with a hint of expectation.
“No one wants to die.” The woman knew in her heart.
“But compared to death, there are more things, more tests, and more difficulties, which are even more unbearable. For example, living in pain forever, the eternal pain caused by death at this time Peace is what they pursue and yearn for. ”
Many people think that they will never want to die.
But if you really have to encounter extreme pain, extreme humiliation, extreme oppression, etc.
Too many suicidal lives have revealed the choices of countless people.
When there is only pain left in this world. Death is the ultimate liberation.
With such a choice, for others, death is indeed the only expectation.
But for Lin Xin, this represents giv