d impatiently, “How can we find anything with these rubbish mortals?
“Don’t tell me, it’s not necessarily true. The tricks of these bandits are much better than those of us who practice all day long,” the scholar said with a smile .
Before he finished speaking, a house in a fishing village was suddenly smashed open, and the bodies of two bandits flew out.
The remaining person crawled out of it wailing, covered in blood.
A pale middle-aged man appeared in front of them.
The well-proportioned figure gives people a simple and stable temperament, which is exactly what the yellow shirt hides.
“It’s really true!” The big man’s eyes suddenly lit up. Directly meet Huang Shi’s eyes.
The man in black slashed a bandit’s waist with his sword, and blood spurted out, almost cutting him into two pieces.
Outside the fishing village, figures in black were rushing towards the village.
A muffled sound suddenly came from inside the village, and the entire ground shook slightly.
“There are experts fighting!” The leader of the men in black lowered his eyes, “Liu Zong Liu Yuan, follow me!”
He led the two strongest men in black and ran towards the village.
Outside the surrounding fishing villages, the bandits discovered that they were being attacked. They rushed out and started fighting with their swords drawn. However, one by one the bandits fell, but the men in black still rushed forward quickly, almost killing each other one-sidedly.
Villagers fled into their houses.
The sky was dark and it was difficult to see people’s faces.
Lin Xin walked slowly towards the direction of the sound from the fishing village. Waves of hot air distorted the air around him, making his appearance invisible. This is a strange phenomenon that can only occur when Wuyan swordsmanship has reached its highest level. Going up is the complete version of the Four Spirits Chongyang Sword, but Lin Xin did not continue to improve it, but chose to use the Wuyan Sword Technique as the foundation.
The bandits around him were killed one after another, falling down with blood spurting out, while the men in black quickly passed by him.
Not long after traveling, we finally arrived inside the village where the fighting was the fiercest.
The man in black and his two disciples were cooperating with the yellow man to surround the two figures covered in purple light.
/There are two purple figures, one is holding a ghost-headed sword and has a bald head, while the other is dressed like a scholar and has a long beard. The body is filled with purple light. Not only can the purple light turn into dots of light, blocking the surrounding attacking sword blades, but if it touches just a little, it can cause the person it touches to retreat violently as if struck by lightning, and become paralyzed as if being struck by electricity.
If the three masters of the Yanyang Sect were not experienced in fighting, they would have almost been severely injured and killed in the moment of the fight. The main reason is that their sect’s ma