and then he realized that he had scared others, and he couldn’t help but laugh. My heart, which had been filled with hatred, felt a little more relaxed.
Spring turned to winter, and as expected, nothing happened in the villa after Lin Xin came back.
Lin Xin, apart from concentrating on studying the formations every day, stayed behind closed doors and practiced in seclusion. Every night he only came out to have some tenderness with Xiao Lingling, and then taught the four little martial arts, and then continued to return to the secret room.
The affairs of the Sword Sect are like the spring breeze blowing across the lake, just a ripple that slowly fades away, and no one cares.
Lingxin Villa gradually returned to its original track, but Lin Xinyuan began to take over most of the affairs of the Villa.
Year after year, time flies, and eight years pass in the blink of an eye.
The fourth child gradually grew up, and Lin Zhen became a talented person. He was as handsome as a young boy, but his temper was still out of control. He liked to hang out with beauties and flowers. He spent most of his time hanging out with a group of young men. Today, he was not hooking up with the daughter of a monk who was stationed there. Tomorrow It’s because he has a close connection with the city lord’s daughter. Or maybe having an affair with the daughter of a certain princess.
It can even be heard that he left a love debt when he went out for training, and was somewhat involved with a female disciple of the Plum Blossom Sect.
There were so many romantic affairs that they spread widely throughout the Yuefu Realm, several surrounding realms, and even within the Sword Sect. Because he liked to use the sword in the fan, he was given the nickname Mr. Fan.
Lin Luo was sent to the Yanyangmen underground palace early in the morning by Lin Xin. He practiced killing and his temperament became more and more gloomy and mysterious. Dragons often appeared and disappeared. Only Lin Xin, Xiao Lingling, and his sister Lin Dang can communicate with him occasionally.
Most of the time, they are performing tasks outside. His cultivation also became more advanced. Because he is dressed in red, his whereabouts are unpredictable, and the several times he attacks are bloody and cruel, leaving no one alive, he is called the Bloody Young Master.
/Lin Dang was still healthy, but she couldn’t practice cultivation and her health was deteriorating. But fortunately, her brother continued to search for precious medicines and the villa had a long-term supply of elixirs, so she was safe and sound.
In addition to reading and chatting with Xiao Lingling every day, he also studies the pharmacology of formations. He often has a close relationship with Gongsun Li’s granddaughter Gongsun Xue. Both of them are masters of medicine. Gradually, there has been a trend of being better than the old and better than the old. Occasionally, she disguises herself as a man and goes out for a walk to gain experience. Under the protection of her brother and the masters of th