lding the stone stabbed Luo Qiong’s chest. At this moment, Luo Qiong subconsciously avoided it. Unexpectedly, the other hand of the Wu clan grabbed Luo Qiong’s neck. With the huge strength and the inertia of running, Luo Qiong was pressed against the wall in an instant.
“Bang!” There was a terrible sound on the wall, and many stone fragments were even broken.
“Haha, it seems that I won the lottery. I thought you were pretty good. You should be a master because of the evil spirit in you. But now it seems that you are just a useless waste with only strength.”
The light was dim. In the cave, the guys from the Witch Clan seemed to have an overwhelming advantage. However, the next second, in the dim space, a pair of flashing green eyes lit up with cold murderous intent.
A sharp claw grabbed the Wu Clan’s wrist, and the strong pressure forced him to gradually let go of Luo Qiong’s neck. The face of the Wu Clan who was smiling smugly just now changed instantly, and he asked with a trembling voice: “What on earth are you doing?” What’s going on?”
“Who are you calling a loser?” Luo Qiong raised his head. At this moment, the young man standing in front of the Wu clan was no longer the weak-looking young man, but a hungry and fighting beast.
/“Bang!” The witch clan weirdo used force on his hand again. He wanted to press Luo Qiong against the wall, but the pain in his wrist became more and more intense, and it seemed as if his wrist was about to break!
“Let go! Let go quickly!” He hit Luo Qiong’s head and hands with rocks and hit them crazily. The elasticity of the skin and flesh could still be felt in the first two blows, but the next few blows seemed to hit the armor, and a “clang” sound could even be heard.
“Ka!” The wrist caught by Luo Qiong’s demonized claws finally broke. After making a crisp sound, the entire wrist was twisted in the opposite direction, broken, and even the bones were pierced out of the flesh.
“My hand, my hand!” The bleeding wrist, broken bones and the pain that swept through his brain finally made him understand one thing. What he hit was not some trash. The one who is drawn is not the one who wins the lottery.
What he encountered was a real monster!
/After we have completed the training for more than two years, everyone will have a summary report from the instructor. As the leader of the group, I was privileged to read everyone’s summary report.
Chen Anna’s report to Luo Qiong was very simple. I still remember what it said: The monster disguised as a human lives in his heart, and no one should anger him, although the fighting skills are still very childish. His Taoist skills are still very shallow, but there is no doubt that he is a born beast. And when you become his enemy, you still have a chance to escape. But if you become the person he hates, it’s best to take your own life quickly.
A monster in human clothes, one Chen Anna said was born to be a monster. Maybe he was reborn in the wrong child by mistake, so he has to cultivate demons in this life to make up for his mistakes