any toys or anything at hand. There isn’t much to eat, and the most important thing is that I don’t know anything about coaxing children! But what I never expected was that at this juncture, Nagisa Yuu, who had been in a coma, actually woke up! Shaked his head. He stretched out his wings and muttered: “Why does my head hurt so much?”
Now I finally saw hope. If Nagisa is still possessed by the senior demon, it will not be easy to deal with the fifth prince. Son? None of the sane fifth princes could be a match for the mysterious demon. Not to mention the current fifth prince whose IQ has deteriorated. I shouted hurriedly: “Zuyou, Zhuyou, look here!”
“Huh?” It looked over doubtfully, just as the fifth prince heard the movement and looked over, the two looked at each other.
“Quickly subdue the fifth prince. This guy is crazy now. He is like a child. Quickly take action!” I shouted desperately, and Nagisa looked over. He murmured: “Prince Yu, how could it be possible?”
As soon as these words came out, my heart went completely cold! Before, when Nagisa was possessed by the mysterious demon, he spoke in the same old tone, calling the fifth prince “Junior” but now Nagisa calls the fifth prince “Prince Yu”. Doesn’t this mean that the mysterious demon in Nagisa has disappeared? If the mysterious monster disappears, then he is just an ordinary monster, even much weaker than an ordinary monster!
/“Nagisa, the great demon in your body is gone?” I asked strangely.
/“What kind of big demon? What kind of big demon did you say? Why don’t I remember it?” Nagisa You was also confused when I asked him.
Now I can be completely sure that the mysterious demon on Nagisa has disappeared, and this guy has no memory at all. In other words, the current Nagisa cannot help us at all, but when it was talking to me, the fifth prince had already stared at it, and his attention was completely focused on Nagisa alone!
“Then stop fucking moving, the fifth prince is going crazy, or else.” Before I could finish speaking, the fifth prince had already rushed towards Nagisa opposite. I felt nervous and wanted to take action, but his injuries were a little serious. The pain was excruciating when I moved. The painkillers on my back still worked, but not on the broken arm. I wanted to rescue him, but I grimaced in pain as soon as I took a step. I saw that the fifth prince had already rushed in front of Nagisa, and jumped to throw Nagisa to the ground.
It was so late and so fast that the fifth prince was already running towards Nagisa before I could finish my words. I was so frightened that my face turned pale, Nagisa Yu, please don’t tell me here.
“Nagisa Yu!” I yelled, but what happened in the next second made me dumbfounded. Not only was Nagisa not killed by the fifth prince, but the fifth prince cuddled up to Nagisa like a child finding an adult, leaning against Nagisa with a smile on his face as if he was very comfortable. Nagisa, on the other hand, gently patted the fifth prince’s back with his wings and brushed his cheek with her cla