is Pinggui’s signature move. , he is very good at playing such tricks. If it had been the last time, I would have definitely fallen into the trap, but I didn’t sleep through it in the past six months. When he changed his moves, I also changed his moves. In fact, the difference in height when the swords crossed was due to the changes in small movements. He turned the sword and stabbed me. I quickly raised my hand and raised the sword he was stabbing at, and at the same time, Chen Cang secretly struck me with a palm. Hit it from below. Pinggui responded quickly. The same palm hit us. The palms of the two of us touched each other, our breaths vibrated, and the strong force pushed the two people away. Pinggui took ten steps back, but I only took five steps back.
This scene is a bit unbelievable in everyone’s eyes. Experts are watching, but laymen are watching the fun. Everyone here knows that my basic skills are not as good as Ping Gui’s. But after the palm and the entire set of moves we had just exchanged, I actually had a slight upper hand, which made the hundreds of people who saw this scene a little stunned.
Jun Yan was stunned when he saw this scene. Of course, what he was stunned about was not that I could withstand Pinggui’s attacks, but that he was surprised that my cultivation level was almost the same as that of Pinggui, but why did he retreat after one blow? Ten steps, and I only took five steps back.
In fact, there is a lot of knowledge and knowledge in this palm. First, I have acupuncture points on both hands. Although the stored breath is not much, it is much stronger than when there is no large amount of breath flowing through it. The second is that there is something wrong with Pinggui himself. After all, his cultivation is not obtained by his own hard work, although his basic skills are solid. But the technical and tactical level is still relatively poor. I am far inferior to me in using breath when confronting an enemy on the spot. In fact, if he could have transferred most of the breath to his palm, the result of the palm would have been very different, but he did not do so. Because he is not used to such high-intensity fighting, his use of breath is much worse than mine.
/“How could it be?” Pinggui looked at his hands, then looked at me and shouted, “How did you know I was going to slap you like this?”
“Haha. We have been separated for so long. , don’t you allow me to make some progress? You were the one who made the first move just now, so this time it’s me!” After saying that, I raised the tip of my sword. He ran towards Pinggui. Pinggui took a few steps back, and then jumped when I was in front of me. His body turned over in the air, and the sword light pierced down. When I saw this, I stopped quickly. I habitually exploded the aura on my body, but as soon as I did so, I regretted it. The aura that exploded was far less powerful than before, and it didn’t even knock Pinggui away. Instead, it just deflected the long sword he stabbed out. But the sharp blade still pierced my skin, and the