During this whole process, the measurement of distance seemed to be confused. Birdmastan only took seven or eight steps to cover a long distance and came to the corresponding lower part of the captain’s cabin. He bowed respectfully and said:
“Earl, something went wrong during the hunt.”
On the “Black Emperor”, “King of the Five Seas” Nast always called himself count, which came from the edict of Emperor Russell.
Of course, he also publicly declared that sooner or later he would establish a pirate country and become a grand duke, a prince, and even an emperor.
After a brief silence, a deep and majestic voice came from the captain’s cabin:
“Go around.”
/“I will obey your will.” Birdmastan agreed directly without asking why.
/Of course, he could imagine why:
Regardless of whether it is an illusion or not, making such a large sail and steam-powered passenger ship disappear silently under the watchful eyes of hundreds of pirates is definitely not something that can be done by people of medium or low order. There must be a demigod on that ship. Or a strong man in charge of a semi-god-level sealed object
It is definitely not a rational act to conflict with an unknown demigod over an ordinary passenger ship. Even if Count Nast of Bai Feng is the “King of the Five Seas”, he will not do such a thing rashly unless there is a direct and direct relationship between the two parties. Sufficient dispute of interests or positions.
From this perspective, the opposite demigod just hid the passenger ship and did not make any counterattack, which also showed that he did not want to have a fierce conflict with the “Black Emperor” and the “King of the Five Seas”, so he only showed his presence and acted as a deterrent.
Birdmastan immediately asked the sailors to leave the side and control the “Black Emperor” to change its course.
At this moment, a huge and heavy red-headed sea eagle suddenly left the group and flew towards the “Black Emperor”, circling back and forth in the sky above the ghost ship.
While the pirates were confused, the red-headed sea eagle looked down at the deck and spoke in a low voice with a human voice:
“I want to meet Count Bai Feng.”
Birdmaster was stunned for a second, and then turned his attention to the cabin.
“King of the Five Seas” Nast’s majestic voice sounded again. He did not directly answer the red-headed sea eagle, but ordered his subordinates:
“Let him in.”
Just as Birdmastan was about to follow the order, the red-headed sea eagle was already swooping down in the dark wind and rain, its body gradually changing, twisting and squirming into a human form.
When it landed on the deck, there was no red-headed sea eagle, only a man wearing a top hat, party clothes, and a feather mask on his face.
Birdmastan’s pupils dilated slightly, as if he wanted to see the other person more c