If Miss Justice is not satisfied with this, she has more information. For example, Dwayne Dantès is in a miserable situation, the housekeeper is studying black magic, the servants worship the God of Death, there are extraordinary people hiding in the neighborhood, and there are hidden people in the neighborhood. The deep secret, in order to get out of trouble, he donated the company shares worth more than 10,000 pounds
In short, he perfectly fits the image of a bullied foreigner. I almost sold him medicine to treat kidneys or prostate. Anyway, Mr. “Moon” is good at this, and I can still earn a transfer fee. No rush, first Listening to Miss Justice’s offer, Forsi restrained his sudden excitement and patiently looked at the girl beside him.
/However, her body movements and emotional ups and downs just now had betrayed her in front of the “audience”. “Justice” Audrey was surprised and confused. She did not expect that Forsi actually knew Dwayne Dantès and had a considerable understanding of her. .
This gave her a new guess as to whether Dwayne Dantès was more surprised to see her, and wondered whether Forsi had said or shown something in front of that gentleman.
/On the other side, “Moon” Emlyn listened with a confused look on his face. He had no idea what Miss Justice described. He could only believe that it happened in Backlund. He leaned back in his chair and watched the members leisurely. “The Fool” Klein’s mouth almost twitched.
It was a bit unexpected for him that Miss Justice would find someone to investigate Dwayne Dantès, because the two parties had only met at a charity party, and it seemed that they would not have more interactions in the future, so there was no need to understand the situation in depth.
Could it be that I exposed other issues and aroused Miss Justice’s interest? Or maybe Earl Hall donated 10,000 pounds to show his importance, so Miss Justice, who cares about his father, decided to secretly investigate Klein. , seize the opportunity to think about how to deal with it.
At this time, “Justice” Audrey thought about it, looked at Miss Magician, and said:
“The initial investigation fee is 500 pounds. If there is any danger and the difficulty increases, I will make additional payments.”
No problem. “Magician” Forsi was busy organizing the words in his mind.
Just when she was about to speak, she saw Gehrman Sparrow the World raise his hand.
He raised his hand.
Forsi was stunned for a second, almost suspecting that he had seen it wrong. \
Immediately afterwards, one thought after another uncontrollably popped up in her mind:
It’s right for Mr. “World” to want to take over this task. He is in Backlund.
But this is an investigation, not a murder. Dwayne Dantès is miserable enough, just let him go.
Clearing the investigation target means that the investigation