“Praise Mr. Fool!”
/“…Praise Mr. Fool.” As a believer of the “Night Goddess”, Leonard hesitantly agreed, and then quickly changed the topic, “I don’t have any problems anymore. Just now, I felt something behind the bronze door. Something is calling me, what about you?”
Seeing that Leonard had also confirmed his status, Klein placed the “Darknessless Cross” in his hand and the metal vial containing his blood on the long mottled table in front of him at the same time.
“I feel that way, too.” He answered in the affirmative.
“Me too, this is not an illusion. I analyzed my own mind.” “Justice” Audrey said in a very clear tone.
“Star” Leonard raised his hand and scratched his chin and said:
“What could that be?
“You actually need an ancient god to be sealed behind your throne…”
After what happened before, he felt that he no longer had an image in front of Miss Justice, and his posture became more and more casual.
“We can try to do some analysis…” “Justice” Audrey glanced carefully at “The World” Gehrman Sparrow.
She was deeply impressed by this gentleman’s ability to combine information, make associations, and complete analysis and speculation in a short period of time.
/Klein thought for a while and said without any preconceived intention:
“Well, we all know to avoid surprises, let alone an ancient god.” Audrey nodded slightly and started a serious discussion with “The World” Gehrman.
At this time, Leonard said “ha”:
“Perhaps the ancient god ‘Dragon of Fantasy’ has seen certain scenes in the distant future and thinks that the sealed things will help him realize his plan to some extent?”
Among them, it may also involve the true position or intention of the “Dragon of Wisdom”.
“What could that be? Mr. Fool said that after Adam got ‘0-08’, he was closer to the throne of God, and the times changed because of this. This should mean that Adam has collected all the materials for ‘Imaginary,’ There’s only one more ceremony left… I wonder if my understanding is correct?” “Justice” Audrey gave her own opinion.
“I don’t know either. I will pray to Mr. Fool later to see if I can get a clearer revelation.” Klein didn’t finish his sentence.
“I’ll try…”
He wanted to say to try to investigate, but then he thought that the two people here knew his secret, so he gave up struggling and said directly:
“…Try asking the old man.”
“Sorry to trouble you.” Audrey thanked her sincerely.
In her opinion, this is a matter of the “audience” channel. The one who cares most about it is undoubtedly herself, and others are more likely to provide help.
Then, she took the initiative and said:
“Yes, it may be closely related to the world in the book. Destroying it will cause the world in the book to collapse. Therefore, the ancient god Angelweed can only seal it.” Klein