A dozen storm fireballs that were comparable to level 8 spells were blasted out, and the surrounding space within a few hundred meters seemed to be minced.
Those fighting spirit slashes were all torn to pieces and collapsed in one breath. A dozen storm fireballs seemed to form a huge wall of fire, pushing forcefully towards the orc heroes on the opposite side.
Immediately, the crazy attack of these humanoid monsters was interrupted, and the tacit understanding of the combination was forced to stop.
The next moment, the surroundings of Lin Yun’s body suddenly exploded, large flames exploded towards the surroundings, and Lin Yun’s body also disappeared. not see.
The shock wave formed by the flames, like a ring of fire, quickly spread over a distance of thousands of meters. Lin Yun used the Book of Ten Thousand Curses and the Wheel of Ten Thousand Dharma to cast spells, coupled with the blessings of the Dragon Staff and the Book of Death, Forcibly prolonging the process of flashing flames.
This technique is equivalent to letting Lin Yun blend into the flames. As the flames spread, he can forcefully shuttle into the ranks of these orc heroes.
/Two seconds later, Lin Yun’s body suddenly appeared from the flames in front of the shaman at the rear, less than ten meters away, which was a very dangerous distance.
This is very dangerous for both parties, because at this distance, casting can only be resisted with a shield!
Never before has a titled mage been so close to the enemy during battle. At such a close distance, spells can be condensed directly on the enemy’s face!
And similarly, at such a close distance, only one magic disruption is needed to instantly interrupt the enemy’s spellcasting!
But now, Lin Yun’s Wheel of Ten Thousand Magics shines like a small sun. At least a dozen eighth-level spells have been forcibly suppressed and released at the same time at this moment!
In an instant, a dozen storm fireballs compressed to only three meters in size appeared around the shaman, completely wrapping him inside, and then exploded with a loud bang at
such a close distance. A dozen eight-level fireballs appeared around the shaman. Magic, under the heavenly level, you will definitely die!
After killing the shaman, dozens of Dou Qi slashes came around him, and the wind and fire shields floating around Lin Yun’s body were all torn to pieces in an instant.
After tearing apart these wind and fire shields, more than thirty fighting spirit slashes fell towards Lin Yun. Lin Yun used the acceleration technique and continued to retreat towards the entrance of the passage while continuing to release the shield to resist.
In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen fighting spirit slashes hit his triple shield, and the magic shield was the first to break.
Although the magic shield claims that it will not break as long as the magic power is not exhausted, there is a premise for this, that is, the attack suffered does not exceed the limit of the magic shield in an instant.
For low-level spells, Lin Yun’s ma