said nonchalantly:
“You attack South Korea, and I will figure out a solution for the island country. ”
He pointed to the exit passage in the distance. Over there, his old friend Takahashi Masaya was patiently picking up his luggage:
“Let’s all work together. ”
Chen Ning sighed helplessly, patted Zhao Song heavily on the shoulder, and left with Li Pei.
This kid paid such a high price and gave away countless benefits. Even his own family was the beneficiary. Since He is still insisting, so try your best to do your best…

Long time no see, Zhao Songjun. ”
On the 21st, at 18:00 sharp.
At the same time, the APEC Ministerial Summit Organizing Committee held a press conference. In addition to announcing the meeting procedures, the Vice Minister of Commerce announced to reporters that flower growers intend to cooperate with domestic home appliances, PC and other industries Large and medium-sized enterprises purchase LCD panels, central processing units, SDRAM memories, flash memories, micro-mechanical hard drives, optical storage, and more than 30 categories of chip products
valued at more than 20 billion US dollars from enterprises in all friendly countries and regions. .
During the economic crisis in another time and space, the mainland of China purchased 14 million LCD panels from Wanwan twice, worth about US$4.5 billion

Applause, overwhelming applause, applause at different places at the same time . .
It seemed that they all gathered in the securities trading hall of the 101 Building, and the sound was deafening, as if it was about to overturn the tallest building in Taipei.
Some people burst into tears, some shouted loudly, and some shouted ferociously in a certain direction. Yelling, trying to put all the dirty names on that talented girl from the United States.
With such a big scale and such fierce momentum, there shouldn’t be enough time for her to leave… Right?
Like a heroic knight, she used the sharp sword in her hand to cut through the fog, leading the many American capital behind her to fight through the obstacles. Finally, she raised her heavy shield and waved her hand after the American men left.
He walked away in style.
And he took away countless clouds…
This not only shocked the trading rooms of major companies, but also the veteran investors,
because that girl was playing the game of hedging! The kind of price difference.
“Go long with heavy positions!” ”
/New York, Mandarin Oriental.
Liao Yingzhu was trembling all over, but she still tried to explain in a calm tone:
“The warehouse must be cleared before the end of the meeting! ”
Guys, these two days will be very easy. In addition to going long, don’t forget to maintain the securities lending channels.”
“Two days later, either everything will be calm and everyone will go their separate ways with their dividends and have a good time; or we will usher in the final life-and-death battle! ”
“Everything has to wait for news from my boss. ”
“Yes sir~”
/Liao Yingzhu smiled softly, nodded to his