, very early. The birds are chirping and dewdrops are still hanging on the leaves.
“Squeak~” The harsh brakes resounded on the bank of Kunyushui.
Three Mercedes-Benz cars stopped on the side of the road.
With the sound of opening and closing the door a few times, a group of people got out of the three Mercedes-Benz cars. Some were fat, some were thin, some were tall and some were short. Except for their different body shapes, they were basically all dressed up. , leather jacket, high-end shirt, a large gold chain around his neck, a PDA in his hand, and a small satchel under his arm.
If nothing unexpected happens, these people are either cooks or wealthy people.
Xiao Wang, the son of Lao Wang next door, got out of the front passenger seat of the Mercedes-Benz. The smiles on his face made everyone sure that these people were rich.
“Bang bang bang~” Xiao Wang next door smacked the window of a Mercedes Benz three times. The loud sound made a group of big bosses frown and show distressed expressions for no reason.
The glass window didn’t move at all, but Xiao Wang next door remained calm. For this trick, he went from Alto to Volkswagen. When he was sure, he went from Audi to Mercedes-Benz. He broke 7 pieces of car glass before he mastered the technique and reached where he is now. This effect.
“Brothers, don’t look at it as a Mercedes-Benz, it’s bulletproof! Three cars driving together are more powerful than your Bs and R’s!”
A group of big bosses nodded in agreement. It is worthy of being the company of the richest man. It is low-key and low-key enough. You can even buy a bulletproof Mercedes-Benz that can only be used by foreign heads of state.
/Resisting the snicker in his heart, Xiao Wang next door hung up the name tags for each big boss and said: “I have registered you all. The gatekeeper of the community will compare the photos in a while. Bosses, please bear with me.” ”
It should be .” Yes, it should be!” A group of people nodded.
Ten minutes later, under a tall building.
Xiao Wang next door looked at the seven super nouveau riche in front of him, took a deep breath, and said deeply: “The “triple three lines” landscapes such as the Kunyu Waterfront, the three mountains and five gardens, the golf course and the 100-meter riverside green belt, the relationship between man and nature. Dialogue, the fusion of nature and architecture, dear bosses, this is Wancheng Mansion, but what I am introducing to you today is not this community, but the mansion of Zhao Song, the richest man in our flower gardening family!”
Said this, Xiao Wang next door faced Qi! The big boss laughed and said, “Of course, we all understand that Mr. Zhao Song’s wealth is just a joke in front of you.”
“Where, where!”
“Haha, Xiao Wang is joking!”
“Hurry up and show us something. .”
Xiao Wang next door nodded and said seriously: “Since it is an entrance elevator, bosses, please keep your eyes open from now on!”
/“Then we will wait and see!” came the chuckle.
Five minutes later, Zhao So