atched the show.
“Everyone is just here to eat, so why bother?”
I said with a shrug.
Lingqian closed her mouth with a cold face and sat beside him with her legs crossed.
Zhou Guobang stepped forward at this time and said to the village chief: “Village Chief, what do you want from us?”
/The village chief nodded hurriedly and said: “Just now someone sent a message and said that he wanted to show it to you. I will bring it over. ”
The speaker took out an envelope, and after opening it, there was a note written with a calligraphy pen. The handwriting was quite beautiful.
“The snake in the moon is a creature of the immortal family. Don’t touch it, or you will be killed.”
This man threatened us nakedly, and there was already a strong murderous intention in the short line he wrote.
/“Who could it be?”
I asked strangely.
“I found it at the door of my house. I didn’t see anyone. As soon as I saw that the envelope was for you, I took it over immediately.”
The village chief hurriedly said that he had nothing to do with this matter and removed himself.
We were given warnings but didn’t want to show up.
“Hmph, you’re trying to be mysterious.”
Zhou Guobang threw the envelope aside with a disdainful smile on his face.
“It’s not too early today, let’s all eat something and rest. We will continue to explore the mountains tomorrow. I believe the snakes are still in the mountains in the middle of the moon.”
Zhou Guobang waved his hand and said.
Just as he was about to leave, the worried village chief couldn’t help but ask: “Well, how long will it take? The villagers will come to investigate in a while. It might not be good if they find out there are monsters in the mountains.”
“Don’t worry, hurry up. Solved.”
Zhou Guobang responded lightly. Then he led everyone out of the house. After leaving the village committee and standing on the main road, Zhou Guobang looked at Lingqian and me and said nothing. Taking the information I gave him, he turned around and entered the house.
Lingqian and I entered the house one after another. After closing the door, I immediately whispered: “We have to pretend, Zhou Guobang still doesn’t trust me, so we must pretend to be quarreling.”
Lingqian nodded. He reached out and threw a small bottle out of the window, then deliberately yelled a few words outside, and then asked in a low voice: “What did you find?”
“Noise your mother, I can’t think more about what we found.” The monster we thought was the Snake in the Moon was actually a snake spirit that was summoned by someone else using the spirit summoning method. There was a three-story pagoda underground. There was nothing found in the pagoda, only some carvings that we couldn’t understand. Scripture on the wall.”
I whispered hastily, then threw a piece of wood out the window.
“Tomorrow you continue to follow Zhou Guobang to investigate. I will investigate the matter of summoning the spirit. Fatty and the others have been lying in wait in the mountains. If you dare to offend me while waiting for our signal, our