en campus gate is such a beautiful picture.
Suddenly, the students stopped their leisurely pace and moved their eyes to the gate, where a pair of people walked slowly towards the song of the Witch of the East.
The richest man in flower farming, a global singer, and a beautiful senior who started a business in school. These legendary seniors made Jingji University’s admission scores reach unimaginable heights this year. It was also these seniors who made Jingji University’s admission scores reach unimaginable heights. This second-tier college has become no longer ordinary.
Zhao Song walked beside Bai Li, nodding to the familiar alumni, and said to Bai Li:
“Do you know that my greatest contribution to our alma mater is not to build a library, nor is it in disguise?” It has improved the school’s competitiveness.”
Bai Li turned her head and asked curiously, “What is that?”
“Today, I taught them the most important lesson in life!”
Zhao Song tilted his head. , glanced at the beauties around him, “Tell them that in the materialistic society of the future, wealth and beauty are the best combination.”
He has a girlfriend, and everyone in the school knows it, but today with Bai·Mei·Li Walking together, no one looked at him with contempt…
It’s great to be rich!
/Resisting the urge to pinch people with her orchid fingers, Bai Li frowned and said, “You usually manage the company, but are you so dishonest?”
“I don’t manage the company, I only manage the managers and managers. R&D and Design Department.”
Zhao Song took out a PDA and waved it in front of Bai Li. “The monthly phone bill is tens of thousands, just to know the level of each manager so that he can decide whether to go or stay.”
Bai Li asked with interest.
“Do you know ERP?” Zhao Song rolled his eyes and said, “I will get you a Tesla internship card later and experience it for yourself.
Now, down to business. ”
Bai Li pouted cutely, “You recruited my godbrother, and the school agreed?”
“Nonsense, otherwise what would I do to you? ” ”
Beautiful women seem to recognize their godbrothers easily, and the super academic who works on robots at Jingji Academy cannot escape this phenomenon. The shrewd Bai Li has already tied this potential stock to her spare list. ”
He has very clear plans for the future, so he wants to know your plans clearly. Bai Li
thought for a while and continued, “And today I am his adviser.” ”

Ten minutes later, the machine tool factory of Jingji Institute.
Under the unbearable gaze of a tall young man, Zhao Song patted the stupid and thick robot.
“Garbage. ”
He commented in his heart.
Then, he turned to face the young man and Bai Li and introduced:
“Zhejiang Province has plans to participate in semiconductor investment. I made an suggestion, and everyone was very interested. This matter became the Ministry of Industry. Leading the establishment of a semiconductor equipment manufacturing company based in Zhejiang Province.
Bai Li looked at Zhao