l it clearly. ”
How big is it?” Zhao Song looked at Yuanyuan and asked, “What’s the explanation?”
Yuanyuan replied without thinking. : “When they see one kilometer, many ‘people’ will think of three connections and one connection, as well as e-commerce.”
As long as it is related to Zhao Song, Yuanyuan has done her homework.
Zhao Song nodded with satisfaction. He thought about it and felt that saying some words in public would be a bit bragging. He simply explained to the two women in detail:
“After World War II, the global material channel entered the second stage. The goods produced by humans There are channels and regular large-scale circulation, but its shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the channels mainly serve the national and military levels, as well as large enterprises and consortiums. The efficiency is too low and the price is too expensive. ”
/“In the future, With the rise of e-commerce platforms, the further refinement, informatization, and customization of international logistics have brought about the third stage of global material channels, that is, with the global supply chain as the infrastructure, the era of containers has entered the era of parcels.
The background of this era is that the logistics industry will further break through geographical barriers and complete the ‘last mile’ of products from factories to customers! ”
Yuanyuan seemed to understand, but Sister Fang was quite shocked.
“One Kilometer is the last terminal on this road! A small goal of connecting it with the three links is that last night, people in the capital could eat lychees from Lingshan, Putian, Luogang and other places. This morning, people in the capital can eat them from One Kilometer stores. Go to them!”
“Based on this, private flower-growing enterprises will explode with amazing energy!
Sister Fang, I bet that one day, private flower-growing enterprises will surpass foreign-funded enterprises and become the largest foreign trade business entity in flower planting. , Private enterprises will become the basic foundation of the flower planting economy! “Please remember this!”
Sister Fang was filled with emotion. From Zhao Song’s words, she knew one thing very clearly, that is, a new change is about to take place. The third global material channel is coming.
Unfortunately, what can we do if we know it?
Do you plan ahead like the wealthy Zhao Song?
Where does the business volume come from? Where to find the package?
‘National enterprise’ Taobei is in full swing with eBay. Those who don’t know it think it’s a business war.
But take a closer look at the pitiful business volume of both parties
. Thinking of this, Sister Fang said in disbelief:
Zhao Song was noncommittal and smiled: “So a very interesting situation happened. Logistics is a national strategy, but instead of stopping me at the government level, it actually They gave me all kinds of encouragement and subsidies like chicken blood! ”
“That’s because you came too early!” Sister Fang disagreed. At Zhao Song’s current stage,