e you sure you will hold the controlling stake?”
“It’s less than 3%,” David suddenly relaxed and chuckled. “With the power of the Rong Zhao and Sheng Xing families in planting flowers, I don’t believe they even have this small share.” I can’t get it!”
/Zhao Song nodded in agreement and sighed, “Without two families, an old man named Xingjia will make me unable to fight back.”
David shook his head in disapproval and said in a complimentary tone: “You are so stupid . Zhao Jincicada’s escape also made the old man unable to do anything.”
Zhao Song tried to calm down his mood and replied humbly: “That’s an exaggeration.”
David raised his eyebrows and quickly changed the subject. Finger:
“What’s more, you won’t have 18 days, because some people have already protested your upcoming betrayal of Tesla’s interests in the island country.”
“Tesla is still mine!” Zhao Song leaned over , stared at David with wide eyes, and said word by word: “At least until I sign the second-fusion contract, it is still mine, and I can do whatever I want!”
“OK~OK~” David raised his hands, it doesn’t matter. He stood up and said, “As long as you can withstand the pressure, as long as you dare to be here after the old man arrives.”
He backed away as he spoke, until he retreated to the door, “I respect you for being a man!” After
finishing speaking , he stood up. , David opened the door and walked out.
This is a conspiracy feast set off by overseas investors taking advantage of domestic internal conflicts. For David, it doesn’t matter whether he wins or loses. If he wins, in addition to wealth, he will also enjoy public prominence. If he loses, he can still enjoy the financial feast brought by the shares. !
Zhao Song was not annoyed by David’s victorious attitude. He looked at the wall clock silently and murmured: “I definitely can’t be a man, Xiaoyu, I don’t have much time~”
Xiaoyu is not just Xiaoyu, but also those who Friends who are working hard in the island country.
June 12, 2003, 8:00 am.
Tesla flagship store in Tokyo, Ginza, island country.
No one knows what happened on the Internet last night. When more and more boys and girls with pale faces, as if they had not seen the sun for many days, gathered here, countless people followed the crowd and Stopping here, on this morning that is not any holiday or rest day, Ginza is blocked with water.
As far as the eye can see, all the screens on this street are flashing with red and white glare.
All the screens instantly transformed into real-time footage of the crowds of people at the scene.
The camera flashed across the enthusiastic, expectant, and unclear faces of each boy, and aimed at the Tesla flagship store. What shocked everyone was that the first floor of the huge flagship store was empty, except for the main store. There is nothing beyond the platform in the middle.
Tesla, which was supposed to open, did not open the door. Instead, it put down all the iron fences. The shots o