n the first transnational patent rights protection case.
At the end of this year, like a phoenix rising from the flames, it suddenly stands proudly in everyone’s sight. And when everyone and all companies are slowly dying down, in the last few days of this year, they are still there. Keep tossing and turning.
December 25, 2000.
Tesla joined forces with Kyoto Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Huaqing University, and Kyoto Aerospace University to establish the DK laboratory.
A simple piece of news, except that the name of the laboratory is two English letters, it says nothing.
In the IC field, Tesla can only develop slowly like Huawei, because IC talents are so scarce in this country that no matter how much money you have, you can’t invest it.
DK Laboratory is another place Zhao Song found for more and more funds.
DK Laboratory is also a help Zhao Song found for Tesla’s positioning!
December 26th.
Tesla and Shenzhou Technology have reached an agreement. In the next six months, Tesla will complete the transfer of its five PC lean assembly lines. From then on, Tesla will only leave two lean assembly lines, responsible only for assembling the Tesla brand. ’s flagship model, and Shenzhou will also officially OEM for Tesla’s Frozen chassis in half a year!
On the same day, Shenzhou Technology officially acquired the New Hengsheng brand from Uncle Wei at a cost of 3.65 million, and also inherited the production license of the New Hengsheng computer!
December 27th.
Shenzhou Technology announced the establishment of a product research and development department, and its new product Youth series PC computers will be launched in the coming spring.
In this way, this young company, which was only established for just one month, has officially become a large-scale PC brand enterprise integrating research, production and development.
On the same day, all members of BOE’s financial team arrived at Shenzhou Technology Company. Wen Zhenwen and Liao Yingzhu also came to the Pacific Ocean and followed them throughout the process to start their own journey to steal the company!
Also on the same day, Mr. Chen Ning, a natural person shareholder of Shenzhou Technology, set off from Kyoto to Shanghai.
December 28th.
/No more, no less, whatever the value of Kyoto Electric Control’s land and the amount of money invested by Sino, the two companies will share it! In this way, two first-level companies under their respective State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission became shareholders of a large PC company without paying a penny.
“Supervisor, happy birthday.”
“Thank you!” Wang Xin thought about the words on the greeting card and added: “Let me tell you all, let’s get together in the evening and I’ll treat you!”
The young man shouted in surprise: “Iron cock plucking its feathers ” La!”
Wang Xin rolled his eyes. Although Xiaoyoun was a tomboy, as the only female creature in his department, he chose to forgive.
Be kind to yourself…should you buy another TPOD?