The Dalton family, which owns the port and controls the sea lanes of the southeastern province and neighboring countries, will not be short of supplies.
For the Dalton family, helping the nobles in the county to advance supplies is nothing more than a matter of making two extra trips for the fleet. These investments will have to be returned anyway, and they will not be wasted directly.
/In exchange for a combat-ready soldier who can go to the battlefield to win military honors for himself, Kayo feels that there is no loss at all.
This is also a conspiracy. Maybe other counties can learn from it, but Wright County cannot follow it.
Without investing its labor force in developing the territory and desperately expanding its steel production capacity, Hudson would not be able to complete even the tasks assigned by the Kingdom.
It is far easier to achieve results by bringing a well-trained army to the battlefield than by bringing a ragtag army.
“Master, all the young men in the county are gathered here. Even if the food and grass are shared among everyone, the training ground required is quite large.
There are a lot of undeveloped hills in the mountain territory. Apart from a few trees, they are just shrubs and weeds. Naturally, it would not hurt if they were used as a training ground.
Luoye Town is full of cultivated land. If a large area is set aside as a training ground, it will inevitably affect the territory’s food production. ”
The old housekeeper reminded carefully.
Although Wyton County is slightly smaller than Wright County, the number of young men owned by the nobles is not a small number.
The training ground for tens of thousands of people cannot be accommodated by the small military camp in Luoye Town, and it will inevitably occupy a lot of farmland.
“Understood, follow my instructions. It’s just a temporary occupation of some farmland. Compared with the possible gains on the battlefield, it is nothing at all.”
Viscount Caillaux said without changing his expression.
Once he makes a decision, he won’t regret it. Having a capable soldier will not only increase his survival rate on the battlefield, but also greatly improve his status in the military in the future.
If they cooperate well with the family, maybe the Dalton family can take another small step forward this time.
/Although in essence, Gong, Hou and Bo are all princes of the same party, and their powers are almost the same.
A powerful fiefdom count has even more say than some declining princes. But in terms of title, he is still a little short.
Viscount Caillot doesn’t care about the minor issue of title. But he is still very interested in strengthening the family’s strength.
With enough military exploits and strong strength, and if it happens to be a good time for a big reshuffle, it is a good opportunity to take a step forward no matter how you look at it.
It was not just Viscount Caillaux who was rolled up like crazy. The counties in the southeaster