mber of people participating in this party ranged from 20,000 to 15,000. Not only those with no musical foundation were eliminated, but also those who had never participated in a party and had no dance skills.
They knew what was going to happen. If the Michael Jackson scene was chaos and madness, then here, there would be order! A scene that has never appeared in free America is about to be born!
They counted the beats silently in their hearts, carefully watched and recalled Alice’s four sets of moves. These modern dance moves with hip-hop elements almost stumped all of them at the beginning.
Is it time to sing
“7234, 5678″ ?
On the stage, Oprah turned her attention to Zhao Song.
Sure enough, the young rich man raised the microphone.


” , repeating monotonous lyrics in a black accent.
Oprah resisted the urge to hold her forehead and took a deep breath.
is coming again?
In the live broadcast, Oprah finally slapped her forehead regardless of her appearance.
/let us go out and cause havoc”
“Haha~” The Times Building finally burst into wild ridicule.
In the trading floor, Liao Yingzhu also frowned and moved his gaze from the live broadcast screen to the K-line chart next to it. Evans, who made the same move as her, looked at the price of 111.13, and a chill slowly rose in his heart.
At the gate, Lao Yuan and his wife were let in by kind security guards. Looking at the big screen, they murmured to their wife:
“This is Times Square. Every New Year’s Eve is the biggest party in the world, so 15,000 Thousands of people are not unexpected, what they are going to do is.”
The mute old friend, who had become more knowledgeable, suddenly started gesticulating, and a frightened expression appeared on his face.
“You feel it too?” Lao Yuan patted his wife to express comfort and explained, “You are right, those Americans are almost all his employees. Not only you, I am a little scared.”
What are you afraid of?
This is the free America, and it’s very clear what kind of conduct the people here have. But looking at CNN’s panoramic live broadcast, under the dynamic electronic music, those Americans are motionless! ? ?
What a boy who is always unexpected~
Lao Yuan sighed, took out his mobile phone and called his agent:
“Man, I still have 20 million, please help me increase my position!”
There was a gasp from the red vest beside him. A breath of air-conditioning, not because of Lao Yuan’s generosity, but because he finally made the same discovery as Lao Yuan.
At this time, not only the red vest, but also the entire trading hall suddenly became a lot quieter.
Liao Yingzhu relaxed her frown and showed a bright smile. Evans gradually opened his mouth, looking at the obviously reduced selling orders at the bottom of the K-line chart, and was ecstatic.
10:51, 19 seconds, Tesla’s stock price is 111.01.
In the Times Building, the ridicule disappeared, and the faces of John Mar