is no less than those five.
“That’s why he’s great! ” Sister Fang sighed: “No one will care about normal business methods. Once Pengcheng dares to play foreigners, the five companies will not sit idly by and ignore it!” ”
“That’s good. Tang Yuan seemed to be relieved and patted his bulging chest.
Sister Fang smiled and said, “Is it okay if you reveal Tesla’s situation to me?”
Tang Yuan tilted his head, “Zhao Song taught me that doing business does not involve emotions. ” ”
Can Zhao Song tell you this without getting involved in emotions? Sister Fang was speechless for a while before she explained: “Tang Yuan, I’m going to work overtime these days. Let’s hand over the business of the hard disk branch as soon as possible, and then follow me north to Kyoto. Let’s talk about that endlessly noisy culture, and… Zhao Song. ”
“clear. ”
Seven twenty, Kyoto.
After eating breakfast at a roadside stall, Old Feng strolled all the way to Zhonghai as usual.
Standing at the door of the employee passage, Old Feng casually glanced aside and discovered today’s solicitor. There was something wrong with the atmosphere between the gang and the workers.
Lao Feng curled his lips indifferently and walked into the employee passage without looking back.
“Go ahead!” ”
You can’t worry about your own shop, so who cares about what’s going on on Dianhai West Road? You know, except for Zhonghai and Pacific, as well as a few shops with independent storefronts, the entire Dianhai West Road is completely owned by that awesome guy. The Feiyu Internet Cafe has been taken over.
The place where there is an Internet cafe is very messy, let alone a street full of Internet cafes. Zhao Song said that sooner or later, when Beijing University can’t bear it anymore, it will
attack Feiyu Internet Cafe! , a group of shopkeepers standing still at the end of the passage interrupted Old Feng’s random thoughts. He quickly followed the eyes of these shopkeepers, and then he stared at the messy scene in front of him in shock
. Yesterday, the colorful Tesla advertising pages have all become torn to pieces. Many of the beautiful advertising stickers on the floor, like carpets, have also been eradicated. Now there are only fragments here and there, as if they are psoriasis. Embedded on the ground.
Don’t think about it, Pengcheng did it.
“Something big is going to happen! “Old Feng swallowed his saliva, pushed aside the crowd stiffly, and walked slowly towards the golden passage step by step.
That Zhao Song of Zhonghai who was always cheerful has never been timid. Who gave Pengcheng a Zhao Song? Is he easy to bully?
/Lao Feng shook his head as he walked until he came to the golden passage and saw a large group of Tesla guys looking at counter No. 6 with gloomy expressions. There, the glass was broken all over the floor, and the big T letter , also disappeared, leaving only traces of glue, proving that it once existed.
“A good hand, completely destroyed Pengcheng, a veteran powerhouse!” “Old Feng sighed and did not mo