ld appear, and even many powerful people from outside the world can come to the real body.
Being able to lead many local strong men under such difficult conditions and basically put an end to the catastrophe, this Eastern Emperor can indeed be called an ancient sage.
At this time, Zhang Jian took another look at the other luxurious Sun Palace palaces around him, and finally walked into the depths of the Dao Palace.
There are no forbidden laws in the Dao Palace. Instead, it is filled with boundless and vast innate pure Yang spiritual intelligence.
A steady stream of innate pure Yang spiritual energy flows out from below, turning the innate pure Yang spiritual energy in the palace almost into liquid and floating in the void.
As a holy king, Zhang Jian does not lack such innate wisdom now.
At this time, his eyes fell on the Tao Palace.
The Taoist palace is empty, but there are many futons and tables around it.
Apparently in its heyday it was probably packed with people.
On both sides are bright, luxurious and bright yellow interiors.
It can be seen that this Eastern Emperor likes luxurious and elegant interiors.
The whole surrounding is filled with an imperial atmosphere.
But now it’s empty.
Only this Taoist palace remains here, undergoing the baptism of time.
Zhang Jian just scanned it with his eyes and immediately discovered several valuable treasures.
One is the two coiled dragons on the left and right court pillars around the table. They seem to be the transformations of two demonic dragons from outside the world.
The two real dragons were refined into puppets. At their peak, they were outsider demons at the level of immortals.
Next are the flames held in the mouths of two tall bronze cranes.
They are two extremely special innate divine flames. One may be the Nine-Heart Divine Flame, a special divine flame bred deep in the earth for hundreds of millions of years. It contains part of the earth’s creation attributes.
The other one is the innate pure yang true fire!
That is one of the famous innate true fires in the Zhoushan world. It is a flame transformed by the authority of the fire attribute Dao Law.
Zhang Jian just glanced at it and didn’t take it. This kind of treasure has limited use for him.
Of course, what’s more important is that he already has the Sui Emperor Enlightenment Map.
The mystery of the fire attribute contained in Suihuang’s Enlightenment Diagram was more straightforward to him.
Secondly, there are several ‘relics’ placed on the table!
Zhang Jian’s eyes fell on the table.
Those are three relics.
It should have been left behind by the Eastern Emperor before his death.
Two of them are personal items, and one is a jade pendant. Its whole body is surrounded by endless red cloud light, and the patterns of heaven and earth flow through it.
/This is a piece of innate divine jade with a unique material and contains many fire-attribute forbidden laws.
Zhang Jian took one look and knew that this was a fourth-level immortal treasure.
But Zhang Jian