pped down to the ground like dry wood.
What a speed!
What a precise technique!
Liu Fei subconsciously took a step back and distanced himself from Feng Shao. There was no doubt that Feng Shao was an extremely dangerous person.
Feng Shao seemed to have a lot of practical experience. He walked up to the two soldiers calmly, kicked the two laser guns away, and then bent down to collect the gun from the officer’s waist.
“You will regret it!” The officer said with a grim smile as a trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.
“Regret? You, a little officer, actually made such arrogant words that I, Xiao Fengyun, would regret?” Xiao Fengyun laughed.
“Let them go!” Liu Fei glanced at his watch and was so anxious that he didn’t care about so much at this time. He was nervously wary of Feng Shao and bent down to help the officer up.
“Thank you!” The officer glanced at Liu Fei gratefully, and said fiercely to the two embarrassed soldiers: “Let’s go, if we don’t leave, we don’t have to leave!”
The two soldiers trembled, and quickly cheered up and grabbed hold. Yifu Wang.
Feng Shao didn’t move. His eyes were fixed on Liu Fei. At that moment, Feng Shao felt like he was being watched. This feeling made him feel like he was in a jungle full of dangers. He just He could watch the two soldiers holding Wang Yifu hostage without daring to move.
An extremely strange scene appeared at the door of Building 2. Feng Shao and Liu Fei were facing each other like sculptures, motionless.
A blazing flame seemed to be burning in the air, and the fighting spirit spread like ripples in circles.
Although the other students wanted to save Wang Yifu, they were not as bold as Mr. Feng and dared to attack the soldiers. They could only watch helplessly as the two soldiers held Wang Yifu hostage and ran away.
Feng Shao took a step back, and Liu Fei immediately took a step forward. The two of them kept the same distance, frozen again.
“Liu Fei, what’s going on?” He looked at the two grown men staring at each other.
“The alien will appear in ten minutes!” Liu Fei did not dare to be distracted at all, and spoke word by word, his eyes still staring closely at Feng Shao’s deep eyes. When facing Feng Shao, he always said There will be a violent and hurtful feeling.
The members of the conquering team were immediately shocked and shouted in unison. Everyone believed Liu Fei’s call unconditionally, because the three soldiers taking away Wang Yifu in such a forced way showed that the matter was very serious. Unusual.
“Yes, that officer was in charge of Wang Yifu’s retreat.”
Before Liu Fei could finish his words, the members of the conquering team chased the three soldiers almost at the same time.
“Let’s go together. It’s already this time, why are you still entangled?!”
Seeing the members of the conquering team running away, Shu Rou became anxious and suddenly pulled towards Liu Fei. The fighting spirit in the air disappeared, and Feng Shao headed towards Liu Fei. He stared hard at them, then blew