o go to the hangar. It would be great if these people could climb up and fly the helicopter out. However, the current weather does not seem to be suitable for helicopter flying, but Qianzhou can’t care about that much now. As long as Liu Qian and others can get the helicopter down, she must try to get in and leave. Otherwise, she will only die if she stays on the mountain.
Liu Qian’s level has been temporarily reset to the initial level 1, and his vision has not been enhanced. In such a heavy snowstorm, it is basically impossible to see anything clearly on the top of the mountain.
“I’ll find a way to climb up, refuel the helicopter and come down to pick you up!” Liu Gan made a decision after thinking about it.
“That’s a small helicopter. It can only seat two people at a time!” Qianzhou reminded Liu Qian.
“Then pick up one person at a time and make a few more trips before they all go down the mountain! Anyway, let’s leave this snowy mountain first!” Liu Qian couldn’t think about that much for the time being.
“Master Liu, how are you going to get up there?” Anna asked Liu Gan, holding the hat on her head.
“I just found the climbing tools in the cabin, and they are very complete. It should be enough to climb up from here.” Liu Gan took out the ice ax and walked to the ice wall and knocked on it, then tied the rope and safety hook to himself. .
“Let me go up with you!” Guo Tian proposed to Liu Qian.
“You? Have you ever had rock climbing experience before?” Liu Gan checked the tools and asked Guo Tian. If two experienced rock climbers go up together, the safety factor will be much higher and the speed will be much faster.
/“I climbed the Donkey Head Cliff in Yunfeng City and successfully reached the top! And I have also climbed rocks with Liu Kang and the others in the past few months!” Guo Tian answered Liu Gan loudly.
“Donkey Head Cliff? Not bad! The difficulty level there is quite high, but it’s a cliff, not an ice wall like this! Do you think you can do it?” Liu Gan looked at Guo Tian and climbed over the Donkey Head Cliff. , can be considered a relatively professional rock climber.
“I’ve climbed the ice wall twice, and I haven’t made any big mistakes. I feel that as long as you pay attention to avoiding hanging ice floes and fix your body, the problem won’t be a big problem!” Guo Tian looked up and answered Liu. Dry.
“Okay! Let’s go up and try it together. If you don’t feel good, just tell me!” Liu Gan handed another set of safety devices to Guo Tian and helped him put it on, and then there was a gap between the two of them. Locked together with ropes and safety carabiners.
“Your task is to find ice to fix your body, and I will be responsible for finding a way to climb up! Once I go up, my safety will be in your hands!” Liu Qian patted Guo Tian’s shoulder hard.
“No problem!” Guo Tian answered Liu Qian loudly.
Liu Gan turned back to Qianzhou to confirm the direction of the hangar again, then walked back to the ice wall and hung a small walkie-talkie on Guo Tian’s chest. After trying with h