fected person. This also means that a total of nineteen snow-spotted zombie corpses require the corpses of five infected people. Only by combining them can you create a magical medicine.
The corpses of nineteen snow-spotted zombies, combined with other raw materials and two strings of key runes, can be used to create one hundred and ninety magic medicines, each of which can treat an infected person.
“There are at least two hundred infected people who were bitten by me in the town. There must be many who are hiding at home and have not come out. One hundred and ninety magic medicines are not enough!” Guo Tian looked at There was a depressed expression on the medication sheet.
“There’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t control that much for the time being. Let’s save you, Zhang Laoguan and Wang Shang first, and let the townspeople think of a solution later.” Liu Gan shook his head.
At the end of the mission, it was written that everyone should return to the building where they were before, which was the building where Anna received the mission for the first time. The four of them sat around the coffee table, tore up the mission paper and left together. See The building you get up is the passage out of the dream town.
The parrot flew over again, took Anna’s two shoes and threw them at her feet. When it flew back, the noisy big screen dimmed, and the lights in the theater turned on.
/The four of them held the task rice paper like audiences exiting after watching a movie. They left the theater and the Dream Theater and walked along the side streets of the Dream Town towards the exit building.
“Brother Liu, when you were asked about the mountain laboratory and your mother, you were really sad. You were not acting, right?” Anna stood next to Liu Qian and asked him in a low voice. .
Liu Qian glanced at Anna and did not answer her question.
“When I discussed Brother Liu with others in private before, I always thought you had a weird temper and a bad temper. I even thought you were as young as a weather-beaten old man. Now I know you have gone through so many things,” Anna said. His eyes turned red.
Liu Qian glanced at Anna again, but still didn’t say anything.
“If you have anything on your mind, you can tell me! Why suppress yourself in such pain? In fact, it will be much easier if you just say it!” Anna reached out and took Liu Qian’s hand.
“Do you know why I kept hiding from the Fifth Leader when I was in Tranquility City?” Liu Qian asked Anna.
“Why?” When Anna was in the Novice Village community, of course she heard a lot about the affairs between Liu Qian and the fifth leader Lin Shiya. Everyone knows that Mr. Liu has rescued the Fifth Master many times, and the Fifth Master also likes Master Liu very much, but Master Liu always rejects the Fifth Master mercilessly, without saving any face.
“Because, she always tries to get into my heart, but I hate it when others do that. We are very good friends, and I don’t want the relationship with you to end up like the one with the Fifth Leader, where