the people here. Did you just say that there was a polar experimental site nearby?” Liu Qian told Qian Zhou some truthful lies.
“Zombies? Mutated zombies?” Qianzhou looked surprised after hearing Liu Gan’s words. Judging from her current expression, she obviously wasn’t lying. It seemed that she really didn’t know about the disaster happening outside.
“Yes, there’s a big disaster. Zombies are all over the streets, biting people everywhere.” Guo Tian finally came over and interjected. Although it was uncomfortable to hold back on talking, he didn’t dare to interrupt at will at this time, lest he He said the wrong thing and ruined Master Liu’s affairs.
“You just told me half a year ago? Are you sure it was the catastrophe that happened half a year ago?” Qian Zhou suddenly seemed to have thought of something and asked Liu Qian again.
“Yes, about that time. It’s hard to say exactly. When we teleported here, some errors occurred in the transmission system. Now our thinking and time concepts are a little confused.” Jiang Jinyuan looked at Qianzhou’s expression and helped. Liu Gan rounded off what he just said.
“I was still in the main city a month ago, and everything was running normally there. You said there was a corpse transformation six months ago?” Qianzhou muttered a few words to himself.
“What happened at the experimental base in the main city is what happened in the past few days.” Jiang Jinyuan helped Liu Qian by saying that it would be enough to trick Qian Zhou.
“I’ve been staying at the polar experimental site this month. I really don’t know what’s going on outside.” Qian Zhou sat up and reached out to grab his hair, with an obviously irritated expression.
/“Insufficient energy! Insufficient energy! The master brain will shut down in five minutes, and the lights will go out in four minutes and the countdown will begin.” The electronic sound of the master brain suddenly appeared in everyone’s ears.
“Didn’t you say that you can last for more than two hours?” Liu Qian asked the mastermind a little strangely. No, he had not paid attention during the conversation just now, and now he noticed that the temperature in the hibernation room seemed to have dropped a few degrees compared to before.
“Calculation error, abnormal energy leakage” the mastermind answered Liu Qian.
“Is Zhang Mengdi awake?” Qianzhou looked around.
“Sister Qian, I’m here.” Zhang Mengdi timidly replied to Qian Zhou.
/Anna blocked Zhang Mengdi with her body, and then made an untying gesture to Liu Gan. Liu Gan nodded to Anna, and Anna quickly helped Zhang Mengdi untie his hands and feet.
“Master brain, transfer the reserve energy of the two dormant cabins to the main system. Don’t shut down the main system for the time being. By the way, increase the temperature in the dormant chamber by ten degrees. I’m going to freeze to death!” Qianzhou rubbed his own The body shouted a few words to the mastermind.
“Okay, the main brain cancels the shutdown, transfers the energy of the dormant cabin to the main system, and increases the