he matter was done!
Chao Mu had no choice but to say.
“This matter was caused by our lack of careful consideration and improper investigation. We never thought that a dragon soul could be born from this dragon vein of the previous dynasty. It was our fault and almost caused a catastrophe!”
“After this incident, please also ask Allow me to be the host and apologize to sir!”
He said with sincerity on his face.
Zhang Jian glanced at him with an unconcerned look on his face.
“There’s no need to apologize. The Chief Chao doesn’t need to take this matter to heart. As long as we can solve this dragon vein grudge and eliminate such a catastrophe, it doesn’t matter if we encounter some dangers. Besides, isn’t this a good thing for me!”
Zhang Jian He laughed and said he didn’t care.
How could he not know about Chao Mu’s selfishness? He was just pretending not to know. He could be said to have made a lot of money from this matter. He solved the Dragon Vein Resentment and got a large amount of soul essence. Solving such disasters was inevitable. There will be a surge of good luck, and in the future, you can worship your ancestors again in the clan temple.
In addition, you can also get a dragon soul.
He had taken advantage of all the benefits, and it seemed a bit unkind to ask someone to apologize. Zhang Jian felt a little sorry, but he still had to get what he deserved!
Zhang Jian’s eyes fell on the Dragon Vein Resentment at this time. He waved his hand and condensed a soul-purifying green lotus to block the gap in the Dragon Vein, without going any further.
/The dragon soul was cut off, and most of the dragon-veined resentment was forcibly transformed by him, and the remaining half was handed over to Taoist Jingming.
There was no need for him to keep rushing in.
The first is to sell favors to Dong Shen Guan.
Secondly, he also used the remaining dragon vein resentment to create opportunities for himself to get back the ray of dragon soul.
/If he completes the task now and swallows the dragon soul of Daqian, he can directly swallow the dragon vein of Shu and the dragon soul in it completely, but it will be none of his business.
On the Observation Tower, the Taoists of Cave God Temple noticed the strange changes in the dragon veins in front of Chengguang Gate. They were all armed to the teeth and stood in the square in front of the Observation Tower, waiting for orders from Taoist Jingming.
Taoist Jingming also noticed the strange changes in the dragon’s veins from a distance. His eyes were solemn, and there was pupil magic flowing in the depths of his eyes. After a moment, he looked slightly surprised.
Not only him, but also many immortal cultivators with outstanding Taoist practices in Haojing City were aware of the earth-shattering battle. Many Taoists who came with strange intentions were vaguely aware of the location of the dragon soul.
The existence of a dragon soul really shocked many immortal cultivators and made them ready to take action. However, in the imperial city, they were deepl