ered around, asking each other what happened just now with confused expressions on their faces.
“There are powerful intruders in the camp! Request mecha soldiers for support! Request mecha soldiers for support!” After Shen Ku arrived outside, he did not dare to lead the team to chase Liu Gan, but sent a signal for help to the reinforcements.
At this moment, Liu Gan’s figure unexpectedly appeared in Shen Ku’s field of vision. Seeing the blue fireball held in Liu Gan’s palm, Shen Ku’s pupils shrank and his body trembled. .
“Armor-breaking, boom!”
Liu Qian unceremoniously provided an explanation for his move, and then threw the blue fireball towards Shen Ku’s body. Shen Ku wanted to dodge, but the fireball was as fast as lightning. After being shot out of Liu Gan’s hand, it disappeared into his armor.
When Shen Ku threw poisonous smoke bombs into the magnetic energy conversion room just now, Liu Gan pretended to be dead while finding the body of a staff member inside, put his armor on the staff member, and then pointed it at his temple A shot was fired, creating the illusion that he drank the bullet and committed suicide in pain due to the poisonous smoke.
The team member surnamed Li entered the magnetic energy conversion room and reported the news of Liu Gan’s suicide to Shen Ku. When Shen Ku and others were about to enter the magnetic energy conversion room through the door, Liu Gan quietly killed the team member surnamed Li and replaced him with His clothes and gas mask, while Shen Ku was inspecting the disguised corpse, Liu Qian swaggered out of the door of the magnetic energy conversion room as a team member named Li.
After Liu Qian left, he did not go far, but circled back from the other direction. When he found that Shen Ku and others had gathered together to call for support, he condensed a blue fireball as a meeting gift for them.
There was an explosion, a blue light of death flashed, and a large amount of blue flames burst out. Shen Ku was blasted into the air, and the armor outside his body exploded and scattered all over the ground. When he got up from the ground, almost all the dozen team members he brought with him were dead. Even those who were not dead were still lying on the ground unable to move.
The fog armor outside the player’s body at level 12 was extremely thick. Liu Qian’s armor breaking could only break through the armor outside the player’s body, but it could not break through the fog armor outside their body. The blue fireball shattered Shen Ku’s body armor after breaking through the armor. But only one-third of the fog armor outside Shen Gui’s body was emptied.
Level 12 versus level 9 was too severely suppressed, and the power of the blue fireball was greatly reduced.
/Shen Ku found that he had survived a full blow from a level 15 player. He couldn’t help but feel strange. The moment Liu Gan took action, he thought he was dead!
/Seeing that Shen Ku was not dead, Liu Qian couldn’t help but frowned. He immediately waved his scepter and sent out a small fireball to