l, it can support the latest sensor headsets and VR glasses, and it is a relatively rare zombie online game. .
After exiting the game in the safe area, Liu Qian searched the Internet for a while and found no information about the disappearance of game players.
/This so-called real world is completely different from the real world described by Jiang Jinyuan when he came in, and the real world described by other players who came in later. There is no situation where players are collectively trapped in the game, and no supernatural phenomena have occurred. .
/“But what happened to me? How come my alloy prosthetics and my powers were all brought into this world?” Liu Qian always felt that something was not right.
“We found a mini-BOSS! Coordinates 301 and 97! Our team can’t handle it in the Sanwan neighborhood. Let’s all come over and do it together!” A player in the Internet cafe shouted loudly to other players.
“Don’t come here if you are below level 4! If you come here, you are seeking death!” Another player next to the player added.
The person next to Liu Qian was a level 4 player. After hearing the call, he immediately ran to the nearby teleportation point and teleported to the Sanwan neighborhood.
“It can actually teleport.”
Liu Gan shook his head and watched the player next to him teleport to the Sanwan neighborhood they mentioned. Then the player’s computer screen image began to vibrate, and a huge mutant zombie could be seen not far away. , roaring and roaring there.
Several players have already gathered around it, forming a team to throw incendiary bombs, grenades and other things at it, and then lead it to run around. After the player teleported over, he also received an invitation to form a team on the screen. He pressed Agree and then joined the siege team.
Although the mutated zombie in the game looks powerful, the players are very good at it. The mutated zombie throws rocks, cars, etc. It is almost impossible to touch these players, but it is like a kite by them. The same leads to running around in the neighborhood.
After several players passed for reinforcements, the players’ firepower gradually increased. After ten minutes, the mutated zombies were consumed alive by their concentrated fire attacks, grenades, incendiary bombs and other attacks.
Liu Qian shook his head again. When he entered the world of trembling, he only had a machete in his hand, and at most he picked up some grenades. However, these players had assault rifles, incendiary bombs, etc., which were better than what he had at that time. Much happier.
After early exploration, players have generally accumulated a lot of ammunition and various explosives. Players who are familiar with the mouse and keyboard can move very coquettishly, and hunting mutant zombies is like fun.
Moreover, when playing games in front of a computer screen, there is no immersive pressure, and there is no need to worry about death. Even if you die, you can be resurrected in a suburban cemetery, and there will be team members to help pick up th