over! Zhao Yu’s basketball game is over, with a total of 2157 points!” The mastermind loudly announced the results. At the same time, the numbers on Zhao Yu’s scoreboard stopped beating. .
But the game is not over yet, because Anna’s true love time is not over yet, and at this time Liu Qian is still more than 70 points behind Zhao Yu.
‘Boom! Boom! Boom! ‘Liu Gan continued to throw the ball rhythmically, closing the distance with Zhao Yu little by little. Now Zhao Yu’s score has stopped jumping, so whether Liu Gan can win this round of competition depends on How long can Anna’s true love last?
“Two thousand one hundred and fifty-seven, two thousand one hundred and fifty-eight”
“The first round of competition is officially over! Liu Qian scored a total of two thousand one hundred and fifty-eight points! Anna’s true love test also ended at the same time! Congratulations to Liu Qian “Qian, Anna, you two won the first round of competition!” The voice of the mastermind
of Volume 5
rang, loudly announcing the results of the first round of competition.
“Congratulations. I can see that you have a good relationship with her.” Zhao Yu took the initiative to come over and congratulate Liu Qian. You could see that there was regret in his eyes, but his congratulations to Liu Qian came from the bottom of his heart.
“Thank you.” Liu Qian also politely replied to Zhao Yu. Although Liu Qian has always believed in survival first and disagreed with Zhao Yu’s paladin spirit in the trembling world, Liu Qian still admired people like Zhao Yu. people.
This is a kind of belief and perseverance, a very precious and rare quality in the trembling world.
/“The hypocritical and disgusting holy mother bitch and cannon fodder!” Pu Sheng Monkey looked at this side and made a vomiting expression, but was directly ignored by Zhao Yu and Liu Qian.
“Please go to the ‘True Love’ competition site and meet your female partner.” The mastermind reminded, and at the same time, a green indicator arrow appeared on the side of the basketball court.
Following the green arrow, the five people came to the hatch next to the basketball court. The hatch opened automatically. Entering was a long passage. After twists and turns, the five people came to a hatch. After the door is opened, there is a hall inside with a leisure sofa and a coffee table, with snacks placed on the coffee table.
Anna and the other five women were sitting on those sofas. Anna and Wei Gongjian looked very silent and a little indifferent. Jiang Shuishui and Panda didn’t know what they were talking about, but their expressions were beaming. Yang Zhao looked normal and sat on the sofa. Eating snacks.
Seeing the five people coming in, the five women stood up one after another. Anna was a little dazed and was the last one to stand up. After seeing Liu Qian walking in, she got up and ran a few steps and threw herself into Liu Qian’s arms.
“What kind of competition are you conducting?” Liu Qian asked Anna.
“Did we win?” Anna did not answer Liu Gan, but asked him.
/“We wo