umanchun Supermarket. Although she had created a small plasma compression device, there was no suitable place to induce lightning in the supermarket, so She seemed a little restless.
“How much power is left in your body?” Liu Qian remembered something and asked Yinhe quickly.
“Thirty percent, just enough to last until tomorrow night.” Yinhe answered Liu Qian.
“It seems we have to go out and find a place where thunder can be triggered.” Liu Qian had a headache expression.
“The thunderstorm outside is very dangerous for you. I can do it alone. The lightning point on the roof should be within a radius of 800 meters.” Yinhe thought for a while and then said to Liu Gan.
“By the way, how did your program locate the distance between us and me within 800 meters?” Liu Qian suddenly thought of a question, so he asked Yinhe.
“You are my master. After the program is identified, I can sense you within a certain range.” Yinhe answered Liu Qian.
“Induction?” Liu Qian had a somewhat unclear expression.
/“Soul induction, my soul is very powerful.” Yinhe then explained to Liu Qian.
“Robots have souls? Is it program induction or soul induction?” Liu Qian disagreed with Yinhe’s explanation.
“I am a biochemical robot, not an ordinary robot. I have a soul.” Yinhe emphasized to Liu Qian.
“Okay, besides sensing me, what else can you sense?” Liu Qian heard what Yinhe said and recalled that last night in the building, Yinhe walked outside the laboratory where the boy was. When she was there, she did tell him that she felt threatened.
“For example, there is a possible threat nearby. It’s just a vague perception.” Yinhe answered Liu Qian.
“Can this perception be enhanced?” Liu Qian became interested. The weather had been gloomy and the sun was not shining, and his solar panel-driven handheld computer could not be charged. If Galaxy also had perception, it could partially make up for this. Pity.
“If I can find nanorobots with stronger perception and more advanced sensing programs, my perception can be improved.” Yinhe answered Liu Qian.
“It seems we can only talk about this later. You go quickly. The thunderstorm may stop later. Remember to pay attention to safety. If you really can’t find a suitable place to trigger the thunder, just come back and call me. We will go farther away. Let’s try it somewhere.” Liu Qian looked at the thunderstorm outside and replied to Yinhe.
“Okay.” Yinhe responded and rushed out of the room. He quickly left the supermarket and went to look for a place nearby to trigger the thunder.
Liu Qian walked around the supermarket. Because of the thunderstorm, all the players returned to the supermarket. Some players who were patrolling during the day and did not know about the ‘coup’ taking place in the supermarket had also heard from other players that Master Hu was being raped by Master Liu. Kill, and then Master Liu becomes the new leader here.
After a period of shock, these players accepted it calmly. After all, they were not members of Deng Hu’s personal guard before. No matter who w