ttacked Chen Hansi immediately hid far away after the attack, as if to avoid being targeted, and then looked for opportunities for the next attack.
“Alien zombies? Your armor just lost 30%. Were you attacked by alien zombies?” Jiang Shujun confirmed to Chen Hansi.
“Yes! A variety of zombies that I have never seen before! Sister Xiaoyi, please help me!” Chen Hansi shouted in response to Jiang Shujun. This alien zombie did not make any sound when it attacked. It felt hard to guard against, and now everyone’s eyes could not Seeing things is even more terrifying.
Zheng Xiaoyi used her power to help Chen Hansi replenish about 10% of his armor. It was obvious that the power of her power was very limited. In addition, the armor energy of several players present was relatively thick. When a player was hit hard When the time comes, it seems a little inadequate.
/At this moment, the small figure with strong energy rushed towards the crowd again. This time it chose Liu Gan, who was slightly farther away from the other players.
Liu Qian felt that the powerful little figure was approaching him quickly. When he was fully alert and ready to attack, he suddenly remembered the bracelet that the old lady had given him before, so he took the bracelet out of the dimensional space.
The bracelet, which had never emitted any energy fluctuations, suddenly showed a trace of energy fluctuations, which was more consistent with the frequency of the energy fluctuations emitted by the small figure. The small figure who was about to pounce on Liu Qian suddenly stopped and turned. He pounced on Xiao Rushi next to him, knocking out about 30% of his armor energy, and then fled away quickly.
“Side mission: When the alien zombie is in a weak state, capture it at the altar and seal it with level 5 soul beads. After being sealed into the bracelet, it can be summoned as a pet to assist in the battle.” ”
When attacking the alien zombie to make it in a weak state, the owner cannot Once you take action, the seal will fail.”
“After successfully sealing, feeding the pet soul beads, alloys, or equipment can make the pet advance and become more powerful.”
“Not bad! One attack can kill 100% of these players! Thirty armor damage, carrying it with you can still have a surprising effect whether you are killing monsters. As long as you are blindfolded, it will be more troublesome to beat it until it is weak. However, Ji Zai is an opportunity to take advantage of these players. If you help beat it until it becomes weak, you can seal it.” Liu Gan thought about it and came up with a plan.
“Jiang Shujun! That alien zombie is coming towards you! Your nine o’clock direction! The superpower can repel it!” Liu Qian shouted to Jiang Shujun.
After Jiang Shujun heard Liu Qian’s words, he didn’t have time to think too much and quickly used his superpower to attack him in the nine o’clock direction.
But the little figure seemed to sense that it was about to be attacked. When Jiang Shujun’s supernatural attack came out, it gave up attacking Jiang Shujun an