tes. However, it has a wonderful effect. After being put on, the robe itself will not be seen by other players, but it will make other players make mistakes when they have insights into Liu Gan. , blue equipment can be displayed as white equipment or purple equipment, and purple equipment can be displayed as blue equipment or orange equipment.
As long as it is an energy level, Liu Qian can set it by himself. If he sets it to a lower level, he can pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger. If he sets it to a higher level, he can scare his opponents. It seems to be somewhat useful.
Two components of the orange pistol have been collected, and the third component needs to be received to form a complete orange pistol. According to Liu Qian’s speculation, the last component is most likely to be in the semi-mechanical and semi-biological weapon. On the body of a four-legged zombie.
It took too much time to open this room. I wonder what the situation above is like. Has the BOSS been killed by five other players?
Liu Qian couldn’t sense the four-legged zombie for the time being. After pondering for a moment, he did not leave the room immediately. Instead, he strengthened his soul power to level 4 and devoured a full set of purple clothes that grew to level 6 in the room. He walked out of the room, sensed everything around him, passed through the many mechanisms when he came, and returned to the place where he had just descended into the cave.
After arriving here, Liu Qian quickly dived towards another passage, sensing everything around him to see if there was anything he had overlooked, or if there was any trace of the boss.
In fact, when Liu Gan bypassed the many mechanisms to find the safe, the four-legged zombie, the boss at the end of the level, had already refilled his energy and climbed back up from the hole while the hall was filled with black mist.
After the four-legged zombie returned to the hall with full health, the black fog in the hall dissipated. Jiang Shujun, Xiao Rushi and others had experience this time. When attacking the four-legged zombie, they tried their best to drive it away. In the corner of the hall, far away from the hole it crawled out of earlier.
When the energy of the four-legged zombies dropped to a certain stage and they were about to launch a repulsive supernatural attack, the players had already prepared to evacuate to the cave, blocked the four-legged zombies on their way to the cave, and launched The supernatural power forcibly intercepted the four-legged zombie.
After that, the four-legged zombie frequently activated the ability to repel it, but the players had already mastered the timing of its ability to activate, and did not let it succeed again. They gradually wore away its energy bit by bit, and finally ended it. In the hall.
/During this period, the players’ external armor energy has not dropped too much, which is different from what was expected. Xiao Ruzhi and Jiang Shujun had their own agendas and failed to reach an agreement in private chat, so they did not attack L