dn’t mind exchanging some information with her.
/“Maybe they are residents who died in the community before. I’m asking some people in the public security system to help me find out.” Shi Xinnuo answered Liu Qian. It had only been half a day since the mission, and the female ghost had just come out. She didn’t have it now. What actual progress can be made?
“Okay, let’s exchange mobile phone numbers and communicate anytime if there is any new situation.” Seeing that there was no useful information, Liu Qian didn’t want to stay here too long to avoid being bumped into by someone.
Shi Xinnuo suddenly looked behind Liu Qian. Sensing something was wrong, he winked at Liu Qian, then stood up on tiptoes and kissed Liu Qian on the lips.
“Daliu? Why are you hiding here? Holy shit! Did you pick up a girl? Kissed her?” Chu Xiao’s voice sounded.
Chu Xiao did not go back to the dormitory after leaving the fire scene. Instead, he went to the gate of the community first, said a few words to the security guard who was changing shifts, and then walked towards the dormitory.
Just now he felt that there seemed to be someone behind the bushes and flower beds, so he quietly came over to take a look.
/“Get lost!”
Liu Qian replied to Chu Xiao in a joking tone. He didn’t want Chu Xiao to know that he and Shi Xinnuo knew each other.
“Hey! Aren’t you a brother? Whose girl? You want to hide such a good thing from your brother? Isn’t it too much?” Chu Xiao didn’t want to leave at all, but instead walked around and looked into Liu Qian’s arms.
“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a girl?” Shi Xinnuo raised his head and rolled his eyes at Chu Xiao.
“Miss Shi Shi?” Chu Xiao couldn’t believe his eyes. Miss Shi, whom he had drooled over for so long, was actually in Liu Qian’s arms at this moment, and they were kissing just now?
“Don’t talk nonsense outside! Otherwise I won’t spare you!” Shi Xinnuo snorted at Chu Xiao twice, then fled away, leaving the mess to Liu Qian.
“Hey! Why are you standing there stupidly? Send him away quickly!” Chu Xiao saw Shi Xinnuo running away to the depths of the community alone, and quickly pushed Liu Qian.
“She has bodyguards.” Liu Qian was silent for a few seconds before replying to Chu Xiao. At this time, Xinnuo ran away happily. He had to find a way to reconcile the situation.
Who knows whether Chu Xiao is an NPC or a player? If you are a player, maybe a player from the evil camp, try not to do anything that may arouse suspicion.
“Brother Daliu, we have to talk about this matter. How did you meet Miss Shi? Has the relationship developed to this point? Why didn’t I notice it at all?” Chu Xiao asked Liu Qian reluctantly. asked.
“One late night a few days ago, I was walking on the street. She was in a bad mood and drove a speeding car. She almost hit me. Fortunately, I reacted quickly and was only taken away. She recognized me as the security guard of the community, probably. She felt very sorry for sending me to the hospital for a check-up, and we got to know each other over an