the corner was a stunning beauty with three heads.
/The three heads all have identical faces of peerless beauty, impeccable, with extremely enchanting figures, looming white gauze skirts, and a pair of round, slender, perfect legs.
The sensory impact of Painting the Demon King is the strongest among all the contestants.
At this time, her three heads were facing the three monks around her, each chatting about different things, which made some of the less experienced monks wonder.
“The Painted Demon King is ranked second on the list of Xiuling. He is truly a top-notch genius. It only took four hundred years from the beginning of practice to enter this level.” The person in charge, Lou Xiaofei, also expressed admiration.
“The demon clan he belongs to is a branch of the painted demons. It was only because of some accidents that he split from the main clan and became an independent king.”
“Where is the last one?”
Lin Xin looked at the last corner.
There stood a gloomy man with various bandages all over his body. It looked like he had been severely injured.
He was the first to slowly walk towards the huge white lantern. They look no different from ordinary monks.
There is neither powerful spiritual pressure emitted nor anything particularly ferocious.
“The last one is the second young girl in Yuqing Dao who is said to have personally tried to recruit him, but to no avail.” Lou Xiaofei said in a deep voice.
“Even the second young girl is trying to recruit her?” Mr. Guan also became interested. “What is the origin and identity of this person?”
Lin Xin looked at Guan Mingyue, the ancestor of Yuanjing, who had always been calm and silent, and had no reaction when talking about the first three.
But when I heard that this girl with the second-highest face was also trying to solicit him, I actually became a little moved.
“Old Guan, who is more powerful, the Second Young Lady or you?”
“Your Highness, this is not a polite question.” Guan Mingyue smiled bitterly. “But although you don’t want to admit it, what you should ask is, who is more powerful, Her Royal Highness the First Princess or the Second Young Lady?”
Lin Xin, the person in charge, Lou Xiaofei, and several people in charge from the Yuan Dou Demon Sect behind him Everyone was suddenly moved.
The first princess, Her Royal Highness the eldest princess, is truly the second master of Yuandou Demon Sect. Even among the elders, few can compare with her.
Her Royal Highness the Second Qingnu can actually be compared with the eldest princess. She is indeed at the top Yuanjing level.
“It seems that this last person does have enough tyrannical capital and confidence.” Lin Xin also became a little solemn.
Lou Xiaofei nodded heavily.
“This is Zhu Chihuai, who ranks first on the Xiuling List.”
“Zhu Chihuai?”
“Red red, the locust tree.”
“Why choose such a name?” Lin Xin asked.
“Because he is a locust tree spirit.” Lou Xiaofei explained.
While several people were talking, suddenly a gray halo lit up directly in the direction of Zhu Chi