and the Galaxy Fleet began bombing the Trisolaran civilization planet again.
Liu Gan has long seen that the Trisolaran civilization is a very cunning civilization. From the moment he proposed to negotiate with Liu Gan, he kept setting up traps and traps to kill Liu Gan. If Liu Gan wasn’t very powerful, He’s very smart, and he might just fall into their trap.
For such an enemy, if you let them live, they will recover quickly, and they may bite Liu Gan back at any time.
Showing mercy to the enemy is cruelty to oneself. Liu Qian would never do such a stupid thing, so after getting the technology he wanted and feeling that there was no more use for the Trisolaran civilization, he immediately began to massacre the entire planet. .
“Hacking is not our official behavior, it is the work of some anti-government hacker organizations. Please don’t be angry with us. We are a peace-loving civilization and have never invaded any civilization. We are just struggling to survive on this cold planet. , Dear alien civilization, although we don’t know where you come from, please look at the fact that life is not easy, let us survive!”
The Trisolaran civilization continued to resist in vain with land-based forts. Xiang Liugan kept begging.
Liu Gan no longer responded to any communications from the Trisolaran civilization, but kept bombing until the entire planet was riddled with holes and no energy fluctuations or life information could be detected anymore.
“Love peace? Have you never invaded any civilization? That’s because you don’t have the ability. If you had the ability, you would be more cruel than me! I don’t believe these nonsense! In the vast universe, the strife between civilizations will only be compared to The end of the world is darker and more cruel! ”
Liu Qian gained a lot from the destruction of the Trisolaran civilization and obtained a lot of technology. After bringing these technologies back to the Mars base, he must greatly promote the development of earth’s civilization and technology, and may even make the earth In one fell swoop, civilization entered the first stage of civilization, the middle stage.
As for the Trisolaran civilization’s planet and the remaining turret resources on the planet, they are of little use to Liu Qian.
Before leaving, Liu Qian still controlled the shuttle-shaped exploration ship to fly into the planet base, and found some corpses of the Trisolaran civilization inside.
/What surprised Liu Qian was that the three-body civilization creatures were very similar to humans. They looked very much like humans with albinism. Their skin was almost a transparent color, they had arms, legs, feet, a head, and two eyes and a nose. There are ten fingers and toes in one mouth, exactly like humans.
/The history of the Trisolaran civilization was searched in the system. They seemed to be a little confused about where they came from. Moreover, they had similar technology as now about three thousand years ago, but because the climate conditions were getting worse and worse, they had to