nfused again and help others to be betrayed. money.
“Second Master! Mr. Liu Liu! The Ninth Master is in urgent need of help.” One of Zhao Nanshan’s attendants rushed in and reported to Zhao Nanshan.
“Didn’t you see that Mr. Liu and I were drinking tea?” Zhao Nanshan replied unhappily after being disturbed.
“Master Ninth said the matter was urgent and related to the safety of the people around Mr. Liu!” While the entourage was reporting, Master Ninth rushed in from outside.
“Second Master, Master Liu! Third Master, Fourth Master, and Seventh Master plotted a rebellion! They wanted to kidnap Master Liu’s women and children, trick him into going to Evil Dragon Bay to die, and then use this to gain power! I was coerced by them to participate together. , then he found an opportunity to report to the second master and Mr. Liu!” The ninth master came over and reported to Zhao Nanshan and Liu Qian.
The ninth master usually has a good relationship with the seventh master, so he was pulled away from plotting a rebellion by the seventh master Ge Rufeng. However, he had a calculation in his mind and felt that at this time, it would be more reliable to join the powerful new leader. , so when they were taking action, they took advantage of the chaos and ran up the mountain to inform Zhao Nanshan and Liu Qian.
“Those bastards! This is totally unreasonable! Take me over quickly and take a look!” Zhao Nanshan threw the tea cup in his hand to the ground and stood up suddenly.
“Second Master, don’t worry. Do they want to catch my woman? Let them catch her.” After hearing this, Liu Qian was not in a hurry at all. Instead, he called out to Zhao Nanshan slowly.
When Zhao Nanshan announced that Liu Gan would take over the community in the afternoon, Liu Gan estimated that some people might be unconvinced and plot to rebel, but he didn’t take it too seriously. These reckless people actually want to cause trouble for Yinhe. Doesn’t she look weak and easy to bully? She is very hard, not a soft girl!
“Master Liu, I really didn’t expect these bastards to do such a thing! Is there really nothing going on over there?” Zhao Nanshan asked Liu Qian with an apologetic expression, and hesitantly sat back in his seat. .
“They want to die, so just let them go. If you don’t want them to die, you can ask someone to stop them, otherwise they may all go away and never come back.” Liu Gan snorted coldly.
/“I’d better go over and take a look. Alas! These people really break my heart! After so many days, there is still no progress at all!” Zhao Nanshan sighed and stood up.
/Zhao Nanshan was now very glad that he had read correctly before. During the fight on the high platform during the day, he felt that Liu Gan’s women and dogs might be non-human beings and not easy to mess with. Now it seems that this is indeed the case. Liu Qian came to his place to drink tea. He brought no one else but his dog, and left the woman with Lulu. The dog must be a personal guard, while the woman is guarding the home.
“I’ll go with you. Anyway, we’ve almo