revented the monsters from approaching during this period of time.
The problem is, it actually rained!
There is a saying that there is no unstoppable path for mankind, but in this situation, it is obvious that God wants to exterminate them!
/The team members are already very experienced. There is no light rain in the Trembling World. As long as it rains, it usually does not take too long from the beginning of falling to the formation of a thunderstorm. Although the current light rain has little impact on the bonfire, it continues If it goes down, the heavy rain will easily extinguish all the bonfires.
Once the bonfire is extinguished by the rain, there will be no barrier between the team members and the monsters. All they can do is fight to the death. However, there are only seven team members in total, and there are at least a dozen monsters wandering outside the bonfire. Only.
The night and the jungle are their home.
“We have to leave here before the heavy rain falls.” Liu Gan observed the situation outside and said to the team members.
/“Where can we go?” The faces of the team members illuminated by the fire were full of despair. Now there are shadowy monsters all around, and without the barrier of the fire, they will only become more ferocious.
“No matter where you go, it’s not here anyway. Staying here will only lead to death.” Liu Gan’s voice was terrifyingly cold. It was obvious that he no longer had the confidence to survive in this situation.
The heavy rain fell immediately. Although it was blocked by the dense forest canopy, the raindrops were too dense and soon formed water columns of different thicknesses on the canopy, pouring down from above. There were two bonfires. Below these water columns, it was extinguished in an instant.
Several mutant wolves immediately rushed over from the direction where the campfire was extinguished and attacked the team members.
Han Guangming threw a stone violently, and the stone struck the head of the mutant wolf with a shadow in the air, making a hole in its head and splattering its brains.
After the mutant wolf’s body rushed forward for a while, it fell heavily to the ground. Several other wolves stepped on its body and continued to rush towards everyone. At the same time, several other bonfires were extinguished one by one by water jets falling from the tree crowns, and the surrounding area was plunged into darkness.
More mutant wolves wandering nearby, as well as some mutant wild boars, mutant orangutans and other monsters, surrounded everyone from all directions.
Liu Qian waved his dagger and faced the wolves, instantly cutting off the heads of two evil wolves. The other team members also arranged their formations and each exerted their own powers, using their enhanced vision, hearing, and smell to fight against the bullies in the dark. The mutant monster close to him was fighting hard.
Darkness is equal to both sides. The team members who have strengthened their various abilities are no worse than these monsters in terms of vision, hearing