example, how to dig, how to gild cave walls, how to obtain white phosphorus, etc., most of the mysteries have been revealed, and have been filmed into a five-part documentary “The Secret of the Chief’s Treasure”, which will be broadcast on a small scientific exploration company under the ABC TV station channel broadcast.
He hasn’t read it yet, but the research report has been handed over to Han Xuan a long time ago. It is a natural underground cave, and a lot of craftsmen with rough skills are used. It is not a big deal. At least it is much simpler than the Egyptians building the pyramids. Zhao
/Hongqi and his family had let Han Xuan go after he got what he wanted, and were still under Han Xuan’s supervision for the time being.
/He was worried that this guy would fool him with a forged imitation, because Zhao Hongqi surrendered too simply, and in Han Xuan’s mind, he was an extremely smart guy.
Now it seems that he was overly worried at that time, and it was right to think about it carefully. Han Xuan did not think that Zhao Hongqi had the guts to fool him. Now there is a huge gap in status between the two, not to mention that he still has a family now, and he has probably passed At a competitive age, I plan to live a peaceful life.
Unlike Lawrence and Franklin, Han Xuan did not intend to continue to investigate the two of them. The culprit had long since died in the cave underground of Gumball Ocean Ranch, with Zhu San’s favorite gold and silver above his head. treasure.
Nothing is meaningful when a person dies. Zhao Hongqi also talked about him a few days ago. He felt that Zhu San was dazzled by wealth and it was better to be an ordinary person running for money all his life.
Isabelle once said something, she said: “Every atom in the human body comes from a destroyed star. The atoms forming the left hand may come from different stars than the atoms forming the right hand. This is The most poetic thing I know about physics: we are all stardust.”
Looking out the helicopter window at the sparse stars in the sky, Han Xuan suddenly remembered this sentence.
In fact, he himself didn’t know whether the things he saw at the moment were stars or artificial satellites. The helicopter kept moving and he couldn’t observe them accurately.
Occasionally, you can see the lights of small towns passing by, and you can also see the freighters traveling on the Pacific Ocean, emitting faint lights. Most of the areas that can be seen are black, and the moonlight is not bright tonight.
Fat cat Jigglypuff is lying on the table and chair next to Han Xuan. It has been staying with its owner recently. For this exotic short-haired cat who was adopted by Han Xuan since childhood, being with Han Xuan is probably the most reassuring thing for it. status.
He scratched his master’s clothes with his paws in boredom until he got out a piece of exposed white goose or duck feathers, meowing softly in his mouth.
If you listen carefully, you will find that it is singing “Tonight i feel close to you”, a song released not long ago