The young man opposite used his free hand to adjust his monocle, turned around with a calm expression, and walked out the door without hesitation at all.
During this process, He sighed in a low voice:
Seeing that Amon really had no intention of staying, “Red Angel” remained silent for a few seconds. Before the other party walked out of the room, he controlled Catalina’s body and said “Hey”:
“Don’t think that I don’t know what you want to do, but it doesn’t matter. Since you and that paranoid have different ideas about completing the Lord, there is room for cooperation.”
Amon stopped, half-turned around, and looked at the “White Witch” Katarina who was possessed by the “Red Angel” evil spirit.
There seemed to be a slight flash of light in the monocle of his right eye.
/In Ahowa County, in a city undergoing post-war reconstruction, there are many bars with traces of fire.
“Toby, did you add too much damn water to your beer?” A man wearing a worn-out peaked cap took the cup, took a sip, and couldn’t help complaining.
The boss, who acted as the bartender, wiped the glass and snorted:
“Remember the previous prohibition on alcohol? Origi, it would be great to have some wine for you!”
The strong man known as Origi mumbled a few words, said nothing more, and concentrated on drinking his beer.
The bronze-skinned man with his sleeves rolled up next to him looked up and looked around and said:
“I heard that the prohibition on alcohol will be lifted soon, because the food from Feneport will be delivered soon, and Fusac and Intis will compensate a large amount of food!”
/“I can only say, I hope so, God bless you.” Just as the bar owner Toby responded, he heard the sound of the door opening.
He looked up and saw a young man who seemed to be a wandering magician walking in.
The man wore a black robe and a more classic hat. He walked all the way to the bar and sat on a high stool.
“A glass of Southwell beer.” The man laid out several copper pennies.
The strong man named Origi glanced sideways at the stranger and asked curiously:
“Are you a stranger? Are you a magician?”
The young man, who looked unremarkable and unrememberable, laughed and said:
“Yes, my best magic is making people’s wishes come true.”
Origi immediately whistled:
“What did I hear?
“Fulfill people’s wishes!
“Lord, there’s a guy here pretending to be a god!”
This kind of ridicule immediately made the surrounding people burst into laughter.
The young man who claimed to be a magician was not angry at all and said with a smile:
“That’s just a special magic trick.”
Origi took a sip of beer and laughed:
“Then you grant my wish and let this stingy boss buy me a beer.”
“Okay.” The young man in black robe raised his right hand and tapped it on the table.
With a banging sound, the bar owner Toby poured a glass of beer, pushed it in front of Origi, then withdrew his hand and repeated the act of wiping the glass.
Such a scene seemed so familiar that Olic was stunned for a moment, and he shouted in a daze