After a while, he lightly tapped the edge of the long mottled table with his palm, causing all the items that appeared to disappear.
He summoned the gold-case pocket watch, opened it and took a look. Klein “pinched” a message to the little “Sun”, asking him to prepare for the tarot party.
After about a thousand heartbeats, rays of deep red light rose on both sides of the long bronze table, condensing into different figures on different high-backed chairs.
Without any interruption, all the members of the Tarot Society cast their gazes on the figure sitting at the top, shrouded in gray-white mist.
Seeing that Mr. “Fool” did not put on the monocle, “Star” Leonard breathed a long sigh of relief in his heart, then turned around and looked at the bottom of the mottled long table, confirming that “The World” Klein Moretti Case.
Similar to him, “Hermit” Cattleya, “Justice” Audrey, and “Magician” Forsi instinctively turned their attention to “The World” Gehrman Spar after seeing Mr. Fool. Ron there.
One of them knew that the “world” was in a dangerous situation and could only seek the protection of Mr. Fool. The other had not received feedback for two days and suspected that Gehrman Sparrow was really involved in the George III incident and something had happened. One of them is that they know that the George III incident involves great risks, and they are a little worried that Mr. “World” will suffer serious trauma.
Seeing that “The World” Gehrman Sparrow was intact and nothing unusual, “Justice” Audrey withdrew her gaze, raised her skirt, and bowed to the top of the long bronze table:
“Good afternoon, Mr. Fool~”
After the whole world situation became more chaotic, the Tarot Society could still maintain its original appearance, which made her feel some comfort and her mood improved a lot.
After the Tarot Society members followed Miss Justice and finished saluting, Klein the Fool gently nodded and motioned for everyone to sit down.
Then, he slowly looked around, chuckled and said:
“You are very concerned about whether this tarot session will go on as usual.”
Hearing these words, “The Hanged Man” Alger’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and a popping sound seemed to directly ring in his ears.
/He believed without a doubt that Mr. Fool was alluding to himself, giving a gentler beating.
In other words, he was given a chance to repent.
Alger lowered his head and spoke with a slightly trembling voice:
“It’s because we are not religious enough and think too much.”
Uh… why did Mr. “The Hanged Man” admit my mistake on my behalf… “Magician” Forsi, who instructed “Judgment” Xio to ask Mr. “Fool” whether the Tarot Club was convened as scheduled, was stunned for a moment, gave up thinking, and turned around The person at the top of the long bronze table lowered his head and repeated:
“It’s because we are not religious enough and think too much.”
It turns out that I am not the only one who has been praying to Mr. “The Fool” these days… Mr. “The Hanged Man”