o be praised by him. What he said was that he deliberately attached importance to description, rather than what he wanted to express in the original work. He laughed loudly and folded the newspaper carefully: “I framed it and hung it on the wall.”
/“Read less of his books. It is said that a man in Montgomery, Alabama, suffered from schizophrenia after reading his books and shot three innocent passers-by on the street.” ”
So he is a literary master. Read his books at night. Books can even give you nightmares.”
Passing by the small flower bed in Washington Square, I saw someone holding a book while walking and reading it. The cover showed a boy with round eyes riding on a bird-like beast.
“Do you have so much time? Homework in college is important. If you don’t have enough credits to graduate, I will laugh to death.” Guo Muzhou said teasingly.
“Of course I can. I basically only spend time on extracurricular practice. In fact, I want to earn enough credits to graduate early. This building is the headquarters of Random House, right? I’m finally going to see money.”
Han Xuan did see a lot of money, a lot. money.
Unlike other companies, Random House likes to transfer money because street kiosks mostly give cash when purchasing goods, so they built a vault in the basement to store the money and deposit it into the bank once a month.
Chairman Bennett Klopf never knew about the boy’s life experience. Regardless of who was present, he opened the iron door of the heavy safe room, asked his employees to count the eight million dollars, and handed two checks and a document to Guo Muzhou.
Han Xuan took a look inside and saw bills of various denominations piled up like a house. It was the end of the month and Random House had not had time to deposit it into the bank. He thought about how much of it he would own if he opened a publishing house earlier.
Grandpa said that money can never be made by one person. In the United States, profit sharing is the key to corporate survival. Therefore, SOS Group gave away a lot of profits to downstream suppliers, forming a tacit alliance.
But a small publishing house with a monopoly is not a threat, especially if you know it will make money, it would be foolish to give it away for free.
Guo Muzhou clearly saw the amount above, a $100 million Citibank check. The person who wrote the check entrusted Citibank to issue the check in the name of Huaqi Bank. In this way, no matter how big the amount is, the person who withdraws the money will be reassured that there will be no shortfall. Danger.
There was also a cash check for US$10 million. I called the bank to confirm that the check was correct. I signed the guardian’s name in the contract to indicate that I had received the royalties.
/Han Xuan also signed it and asked several bodyguards to count the cash in the box. Ten thousand US dollars and one hundred yuan banknotes were equivalent to 0.6 kilograms. There was one million in a box, and the weight of the box was more than ten kilograms. Place them neatly on the long table