o we might as well build them here.”
Moving forward in this environment consumes several times more energy than on flat ground. In addition, because he does not exercise regularly, Jason’s chest feels like a bellows.
/It took a long time to calm down: “They are close together and there is no space to build a tree house. Moreover, the leaves will fall off in the winter, which is not easy to say. It is easy to collapse when it snows.”
Han Xuan walked at the end, and the grass was stepped on by those in front. It was flat. It was no different from walking on flat ground. It was not tiring. He suggested: “Let’s rest here for a while. Look over there. Are there white-tailed deer?” ”
They come out sometimes. They basically stay in the woods in summer. There are no natural enemies, and the number has increased recently. I’m afraid there are hundreds. It’s not the hunting season yet. Come over in winter and hunt some stags. If they continue like this, their population will double in a year, and then there will be no trouble.”
John said Throwing the military shovel on the ground, he sat on it and said.
“Those tools are not lucky enough to bring in. They have to open a road first. The newly recruited people don’t have much time to live. Hundreds of people can do it in half a day. Sprinkle some gravel and the grass will not grow in the future. And it won’t work. Pave with gravel or sand, and it will be muddy when it rains. It’s not easy to walk.” ”
Well, I’ll go back and contact the building materials dealer.” Jason leaned against the tree and found something getting into his clothes, and he shook himself quickly.
Seeing the fallen beetle with only horns, he bent down, grabbed it and handed it to Han Xuan, saying, “My son used to use it as a specimen in his biology class, and now he still keeps it at home.”
Han Xuan carefully grabbed it and held it . In his hand, the worm looked similar to the unicorn he had seen before.
The back shell is blue in color and lies quietly in the palm of the hand. It is more than five centimeters in length and has some down on its horns. It is very fierce and burly.
He raised his head and said, “Thank you, I will take good care of it.” ”
Let’s go. The bushes have been cut down. It will be much easier when we get back.”
Father Han took a sip of water, closed the lid and put it in his pocket.
The group of people continued to set off, accompanied by the sound of snapping grass and trees.
Han Xuan’s hand was cut by a blade of grass, and it hurt.
/One of the greatest joys of walking in the jungle is discovering things you have never seen before.
For example, the Death Angel poisonous mushroom in front of you can kill people.
Its appearance is very similar to that of a straw mushroom. If he hadn’t passed by it and felt frightened, Han Xuan would definitely not be able to tell the difference between the two.
John had seen it before. He decisively dug out these death angel mushrooms with a military shovel and the mycelium, and threw them in the sun to dry out, cutting of