t. I had to bend down and scrape it hard on the ground to get it clean.
The flashlight light gradually dimmed. Zhu San took out the batteries from Qiyan’s backpack and distributed two batteries to each of them. Yang stood at the entrance of the cave, shining the flashlight on them and letting them change. Suddenly there was a sound of falling stones, and several guns were fired instantly. Access.
Green urged: “Hurry up! Don’t come together, come one by one!”
“What the hell!” Zhu San just turned on his flashlight and saw two furry hands patting Yang on the head!
Blood flowed down his temple, and he fired several shots in panic. Others did not see the situation and also rushed towards the entrance. The bullets hit the stone wall and splashed sparks!
Green put a gun to Han Xuan’s head: “I told you not to come here! Believe it or not, I’ll kill him!”
“It’s not a human, I saw Mao!” Qiyan’s voice trembled, and he felt a gust of wind behind his head, so he turned around and fired. .
“Don’t scare people!” Zhao Hongqi was about to shoot. When the light shined there and found nothing, he kicked behind Qiyan and continued: “Go in first!”
“What about Yang?” Green shouted.
“Leave him alone! He’s either dead or unconscious. It’s hard to escape with him as a burden. He will naturally follow him when he wakes up!”
Zhu San grabbed Han Xuan’s clothes.
“Let’s go!”
Stepping on the residue after burning phosphorus, Han Xuan understood why he often got burned when eating stone pot rice.
The stones underfoot are really unusually hot. Some of the phosphorus was covered just now, but after being stepped on, it was lifted up and turned over, exposed to oxygen, and ignited again.
Green accidentally got it stuck on his shoe and was scared to death.
He quickly ran to the end of the corridor, held his breath and took off his hiking boots. Some parts of his socks were burned and stuck to his feet, his face was torn apart ferociously, and the screams were loud!
A layer of skin and flesh was easily removed, and no blood came out. It looked terrifying!
The back of my neck felt cold, and I subconsciously touched my wrist. It felt like it didn’t hurt at all compared to his.
/The originally flat stone walls were strangely protruding, with some tree roots exposed, and the domineering giant sequoia trees on the ground had penetrated this tomb over thousands of years.
Because they could not find nutrients, some of the tree roots had died, but they did not fall into pieces when exposed to the wind like the torches on both sides of the wall.
In the early stages of the formation of the tombs, the tomb chambers contained a certain concentration of oxygen. As the materials in the tombs oxidized and decomposed, the oxygen was gradually exhausted, forming a closed oxygen-poor environment. Now the air infiltrates rapidly, and the environmental conditions change rapidly and violently, and the organic matter is carbonized. It’s inevitable.
The dark corridor is particularly scary, especially with these strange tree roots, as i