the bodies of those who tried to escape. Their extravagant hope of survival was shattered.
When everyone lost the ability to resist, amidst the miserable wailing, the true face of the attacker finally emerged. It was three meters tall and as huge as an SUV. , several toads with thick black blood wounds were revealed on their skin, and they jumped out.
On top of its head, sat the Chinese boy who made the ‘deal’ with George.
“It’s you, you, It’s you…” Rabbi screamed in the blood.
/Zhang Lisheng sat on the top of the mountain toad, stopped the witchcraft, and said calmly: “It’s me, Mr. Rabbi.
I came to Queens to buy raw meat just to fill the belly of this big-bellied ‘pet’. It is so edible that I can’t afford to feed it through normal means. ”
You, you, you devil, Satan, a believer of Satan…”
“No, according to our Chinese saying, ‘A man can’t hurt a tiger’s heart, but a tiger can hurt people’s will’. All of this is forced.” “Zhang Lisheng said and recited the witchcraft again.
As his “hissing, rustling, hissing, rustling…” voice sounded again, the mountain toad buried its head, opened its huge mouth, and pulled out the wailing tall man lying on the ground beside him. The strong black man licked it into his mouth.
“No, no, no, no…”
“Oh God, oh God, oh God…”
“You’re going to hell, you devil, you’re going to hell…”
Look. As the giant toad greedily chewed its screaming companions, the remaining gangsters howled and cursed even louder.
And every bit of the extreme negative emotions they showed was swallowed up by Zhang Lisheng, making the The witchcraft power in his flesh and blood increased at a speed that could be clearly detected.
After cursing for a while, lying on the dirty ground and vaguely looking up at Zhang Lisheng sitting on top of the monster, Rabbi suddenly realized that his behavior was fundamentally It won’t be of any help to get out of danger. It will only anger the devil-like enemy and make his death worse.
“Okay sir, okay sir, I admit that I was at fault first.
You see, even if your pets ate us all, it would only be enough to fill their stomachs.
Leave me alive and I promise to provide it with meat for the rest of its life.
People like you are not afraid of my revenge at all, right? Of course, I don’t dare to retaliate against Satan’s apostle. It will be more beneficial to you to keep me alive. ”
Zhang Lisheng ignored the rabbi’s plea, but the situation did not continue to deteriorate.
This made the rabbi feel more lucky, “I apologize to you, sincerely, sir.
What do you want, money, drugs, women, or you, you have many kinds of ‘pets’ needs, you need a lot of meat, in short, I can compensate you for anything, anything…” One
thought There was still hope of survival, so the extreme negative emotions radiating from Rabbi’s body naturally weakened a lot. Feeling this weakening, Zhang Lisheng forced the toad to lower his head, jumped down lightly, and said: “You are already compensating me. Mr. Rabbi.
“Compensate, have you been compensated? ” ”
“Yes,” Z