overed by Han Xuan, so she continued, “I’m glad to see you too. When did you come to my house?” ”
Not long after I arrived, I was with your father. Are you going to talk about some business matters after school?” Han Xuan was just looking for something to say.
“Yes. Come back for lunch, and I have to go to class in the afternoon.”
/Donald did not interrupt the two of them talking, walked up to the middle-aged woman who came out of the room, and asked her to instruct the chef to make a sumptuous lunch.
Once a third-rate actress, she forced her first wife away as a lover and got her wish as Mrs. Trump.
Ivanka’s mother is not her, but her ex-wife Ivana, who is very lucky.
After the two met, they seemed not to see each other, nor did they say hello to each other. They staged a stage drama: “Stepmother!”
“The company’s financial statements for last year are all in my study. Do you eat or read first?”
Seeing his daughter’s nymphomaniac look, Trump was speechless and lamented that he had not learned his sense of humor at all .
If you can attract Han Xuan to be your son-in-law, that would be great!
Thinking of this, a smile appeared on his face involuntarily. Unfortunately, the reality was that his daughter was still staring at Han Xuan and forgot to speak.
Helplessly, he cursed secretly: “If you don’t seduce him, it’s no use just looking at it.”
Han Xuan didn’t eat anything in the morning. At this time, he was really hungry, so he said: “Let’s go to the report first. I can read it in a moment.” Finished, please help me these bodyguards and make some food.”
“Of course, how can I forget them.”
Donald smiled and stretched out his hand, motioning Han Xuan to take the elevator: “The study is upstairs.”
The huge study, The area is over two hundred square meters, the decoration is extremely luxurious, and there is also some weird fitness equipment placed in the corner.
Judging from his growing body, those things are probably just fake.
We have known for a long time that Donald has a cautious character, but when he pushed open the bookshelf-style secret room that was completely uninspiring, he put his eyes up and looked at a small hole.
The small hole was flashing red light.
Han Xuan seemed to have seen black technology and quickly asked: “Iris recognition technology?”
Donald was slightly surprised when he heard this professional term that was completely unfamiliar to others, and replied with a smile: “No. That’s right, a new technology that just came on the market last year. No one else can open this door except my eyes. It’s more secure than a password, but the problem is that it often goes wrong and can’t be opened. For example, right now.”
Donald rubbed his eyes and continued to stare. It was a small hole, and this time there was a click from the iron door, and it opened.
Han Xuan followed him inside and said: “Iris recognition technology is not 100% safe. For example, if someone digs out your eyes, it can still be opened. It is best to use it in conjunction with passwords, fingerprin